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Lights, Camera, Action: The LA Auto Show | Trending Topics

The city of Los Angeles can be considered an authority on a variety of wide-ranging topics. Sunny weather, stars and starlets of the big screen, majestic beaches, and traffic jams are all staples of the Los Angeles experience. As the city is a spread out metropolitan area, it would be virtually impossible to get around Los Angeles without a vehicle, which is why LA is considered one of the most important car cities in the country. It should come as no surprise that one of the world’s biggest and best auto shows is the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The history of the LA Auto Show highlights its importance and illustrious reputation in the automotive world. The first show took place over 100 years ago, in 1907. It was the first ever auto show to be held on the West Coast. The inaugural event surely looked much different than the current show, as fewer than 100 vehicles were on display and the event attracted approximately 3,000 visitors. Yet, despite the changes, the LA Auto Show has continually been an event that showcases the newest and most exciting trends that the automotive industry has to offer.


Because of its size and exposure, it should come as no surprise that many automakers unveil new vehicles and concepts at the LA Auto Show. Prior to the show opening to the public, “the Show’s Press and Trade Days draw more than 18,000 auto industry decision makers and influencers including 4,400 media from more than 58 countries.” During the press days, many automakers use the opportunity to unveil their newest creations. This year, more than 50 new vehicles will be making their world debut at the LA Auto Show. These new vehicles will be representative of the automotive industry’s direction in the future.

What will be the major trends of this year’s LA Auto Show? Only time will tell, but according to Fortune “Auto shows are no longer just about new cars, trucks, and SUVs—although that last one is a dominating force these days. Now, it’s about the technology inside the car, and the giant companies and small upstarts that are jumping in on the action.” This year promises to offer a wide variety of vehicles and new technologies from a wide variety of manufacturers.

In Los Angeles, it can be hard to stand out. Consistently, the careers of actors and actresses will quickly fizzle out after experiencing their 15 minutes of fame. But, the LA Auto Show has become a fixture in the industry as one of the premier automotive displays in the world. Since 1907, The LA Auto Show has put vehicles on display that have changed the way Americans move. This year, with more than 50 unveilings, will continue the tradition and showcase the future of the automotive industry.

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