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Happy Friday Elio’ers! If you’re a regular reader of the Friday Blog, you may have noticed that the weekly email arrived in your inbox a little bit earlier than normal. Why, you may ask? The answer is twofold. Firstly, it seems like during the warmer months folks tend to get out of the office a little bit earlier. If that sounds like you, we don’t blame you one bit and wanted to make sure you had a chance to peruse the blog before the weekend starts. Secondly, and more importantly, an event is taking place this morning that we figured you wouldn’t want to miss.

First – the timely information: If you have time this morning (10:00am Central/11:00 Eastern/8 Pacific we are planning a Facebook live stream of Paul Elio in Shreveport at a press conference updating the Caddo Parish with Caddo Commissioner Louis Johnson. It is anticipated that Paul will give an update on the recent Elio Motors developments and field a few questions from the press. We will be live streaming the press conference on Facebook Live.  You should be able to find it easily on our Facebook page here: If the technology works out, it will also be available afterward for those of you unable to watch it live.

Moving on to one of the reasons we are all here, we would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the fact that Mother’s Day is this Sunday. We wanted to make sure to thank all of the Mothers in our lives- thank you for all that you do!


In case you missed it, Elio Motors has been in the news quite a bit lately. A couple of weeks ago we released a press release that outlined our recent funding news. Earlier this week we had the opportunity to attend the annual meeting in Midvale, Utah. We brought along the E1c, which always has a tendency to draw a crowd. As a result, there was some great press coverage which featured Elio Motors, Overstock, Paul Elio, Patrick Byrne, and the vehicle! Below is some of the best coverage from the past week!

Thanks to everyone at Overstock for providing a great venue to show off the E1c and to introduce ourselves!

This Friday Blog may sound a bit like an Academy Award winner’s speech, but we do want to thank (in no particular order) the mothers that have shaped our lives, the Overstock team, the people of Shreveport, and you, the Elio Motors supporter! We hope you have a tremendous weekend!

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