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Making Progress! Legislative Update 2/13/15

Happy Friday Elio’ers! Better than that, Happy Friday the 13th, the first of three this year. We do not suffer from paraskevidekatriaphobia (fear of Friday the 13th) nor do we celebrate the day like Colgate University in Hamilton, New York (Every Friday the 13th is “Colgate Day”), we are closer to the latter however. Maybe we can make every Friday the 3rd Elio Day… a marketing idea is born!

This week we wanted to give you an update on what the Government Affairs team is working on and share the progress that they have made. This has been a productive session around the country and we have set a plan in place to achieve even more. Here is a look at the states by the legislation that we are supporting.

Licensing and Helmet Legislation states are the states that we are working with to create, modify or change existing legislation in regards to licensing or endorsements and helmet applicability for the Elio.

  • Nebraska: LB 231 with Senator Jim Smith. Things are moving quickly.  Target completion end of session (April)
  • West Virginia: SB 259 with Senator Bob Beach. Passed Transportation Committee and is in Judiciary Committee and we are targeting passage by the end of WV session
  • North Carolina:  H6 with Representative Torbett. In Transportation Committee.  Expect passage by the end of 2015 session
  • Mississippi:  HB111 with Representative Massengill and SB 2225 with Senator Parker. House and Senate passed. Moving quickly.  Should be done by end of session
  • Missouri:  SB344 with Senator Wasson, HB 580 Representative Hinson, HB 562 with Representative C. Davis and HB885 Representative Chrissy Sommers  Should be completed end of session


Specific Helmet Laws and Licensing states are the states that we are working with to create, modify or change existing legislation in regards to licensing or endorsements and specific helmet restrictions for the Elio. The helmet laws differ and are in one of three categories: helmet laws for under 17 (<17), 18 (<18) or 21 (<21).

  • Idaho (<18): HB 17 with Representative Palmer. Moving quickly.  Will be done by end of session
  • Indiana (<18):  SB421 with Senator Ron Grooms. Hearing on Feb 17th and expect passage before end of session. House sponsor is Representative David Wolkins
  • New Mexico (<18): HB 65 with Representative Carl Trujillo (hearing underway in committee) and SB 185 with Senator Lopez. Passage of one of these bills by the end of session is expected
  • Oklahoma (<18): SB 255.with Senator Barrington. Expected quick passage by the end of this session
  • Ohio (<18):  Working with Senator Seitz, bill has not been introduced. Senator Seitz is amending the Transportation budget and should pass with the Transportation budget
  • Connecticut (<18):  HB 5538 with Representative Steinberg and HB6499 with Representative Sayers. The DMV has also ordered their version which is a great sign for this session completion.  Also addresses unique registration wording in Connecticut
  • Arkansas (<21): Senator Jake Files has ordered legislation
  • Delaware (<19): Working with Senator Peterson and the DMV on language
  • Rhode Island (<21):  Working with the Rhode Island DMV to support and correct
  • Montana (<18): Working with the MT DMV to support and correct
  • Hawaii (<17): HB 784 with Representatives Woodson, Aquino, Johanson, Lopresti, Nakashima, Buenaventura, and Yamashita. Expected to pass this session

And the last group is for licensing and/or endorsement requirements:

  • Arizona: SB 1051 with Senator Burges and HB2211 with Representative Peterson. Passed committee and we expect it to pass this session
  • North Dakota: Working with Senators Sinner and Laffen. This bipartisan bill should pass this session
  • Kansas:  HB 2044 with Representative Travis Couture-Lovelady.  Expect passage during current session
  • New York: Senator Robach has a draft and DMV requested some changes which would better fit NY statute
  • Maine: LR 1721 (Proposed bill) with Representative Jared Golden. Currently refining language and targeting success this session
  • New Hampshire: Working with the New Hampshire DMV to support and correct

As you can see the team is making fantastic progress around the country. We will keep you updated on the successes in this area!

This week in the Preview Tour:

February 19 and 20: Rome GA; Confluence Conference; P4 show


Thanks for your continued support!

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