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Momentum 150


Momentum 150

You may have noticed that today’s post is the 150th installment of the Momentum. Our goal from the very beginning has been to provide our supporters and customers with an inside look into the process of bringing a vehicle to market. As the interest in the Elio Motors project became evident, we wanted to show the ins and outs of a startup transportation company. We have covered far-ranging topics including engineering results, supplier profiles, funding opportunities and endeavors, industry trends, insights into the manufacturing the process, and many subjects in-between.

We want to thank you for staying with us on the journey. As is the case with just about any startup company, there have been peaks and valleys, but we appreciate those that have stayed engaged and interested in the process. As the project continues to move forward toward production, we are dedicated to keeping the communication channels open and provide you with an in-depth look into the process.


More Miles, More Problems

If you were planning on taking an inexpensive summer road trip, you might want to hit the brakes on your plans. According to Market Watch, “U.S. drivers can expect to pay much higher prices at the pump this summer than last, as prices for crude oil climb, according to the Energy Information Administration’s Summer Fuels Outlook report released Tuesday.”

While it’s common for gas prices to rise during the summer months, in part due to increased demand, the forecast for the upcoming summer looks stark. Per the article, “The government agency forecast an average retail price of $2.74 a gallon for regular gasoline in the April-to-September summer driving season this year, up from an average $2.41 for the summer season in 2017—an increase of nearly 14%.”

Historically, when gas prices are relatively low, drivers tend to pay less attention to the efficiency of their vehicles. Not surprisingly, sudden and sharp increases in gas prices have resulted in a renewed focus on fuel economy. The only sensible way for drivers to protect themselves against abrupt spikes in oil prices is to own a high mileage vehicle. Even if the increases never occur, the equation remains the same: owning a fuel-efficient vehicle offers savings through times of both high and low gas prices.

Don’t Forget to Vote

In case you missed it, after many suggestions, we have invited our supporters to design the next Elio Motors t-shirt. Last week, the field was narrowed down to 5 tremendous designs. If you’d like to participate, click here to be taken to last week’s blog and vote. The polls will close on Friday morning at 10:00 AM Central, so don’t delay.

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