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More Elio Progress – The Plant 10/10/14



The Elio Shreveport Plant

Happy Friday Elio friends and family!  What a great week huh?  Did you see the Tech Talk on the plant?  How about the interview at the plant with our CEO Paul Elio?  This is another great step toward making your Elio a reality and we couldn’t be more excited.

There were a couple of questions that have come out of this week’s events that we wanted to address here for you.  We can answer most of them by answering the question of “Why Shreveport?”

The former GM plant near Shreveport is a great plant for us for a number of reasons.  One, the plant itself.  This was one of GM’s most modern plants and is in very solid shape.  The size is more than ample (understatement of the day!) and the equipment is up-to-date and there is a lot of it.  We are working with Comau, the world leader in advanced engineering systems,  to help us sell off the surplus equipment (press release).  This is a key step in our progress towards production.

Trim Line


Final Line

Another reason the plant in Shreveport is great for Elio is the local workforce.  There is an abundance of former manufacturing workers in the area (and many that are willing to come back) that have real vehicle manufacturing experience that gives us a great jump on the production of the Elio.  We are counting on this group of people to build quality into the vehicle right from the start.

Equipment set aside for sale

The location of the plant is also great for Elio Motors.  Freeway access is easy in all directions for freight in and out as well as for our Elio manufacturing team members.  The location also has rail access and a huge rail yard.  These core needs really add up when looking at running an efficient operation and will further help us achieve our $6,800* retail price point.  We are champing at the bit to get into the plant, becoming a significant part of the Shreveport community, sharing the excitement of an entirely new vehicle and creating significant opportunities for the community with direct and indirect jobs.


Welding Robot Station

Check out our website and Facebook page for additional Elio Plant photos.

This week in the Preview Tour:

October 8 – 12 – Albuquerque, NM – The Balloon Fiesta –  P4 show – Today and Saturday 5:45 am through 8 pm; Sunday 5:45 am to 8:00 am – We are just inside Gate 16 (North Gates)

October 18-19 – Rome, GA – Wings over North Georgia Airshow – Saturday 10 am to 9 pm and Sunday 10 am to 4 pm – This is a P4 show


*- Starting MSRP excludes options, destination/delivery charge, taxes, title and registration

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