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More P5!

Happy Friday Elio friends and family! Last week we shared the milestone pictures of the Elio/IAV engine and transmission in the P5. The feedback and excitement we’ve received has been incredibly positive. It is exciting to share these types of successes with our fans and followers, so much so that we want to share more!

Let’s look at some more P5 development pics from weeks past so you can get a better feel for the process as well as the craftsmanship and skill that goes into making a hand-built prototype. Most of you will remember that Technosports Creative is our partner in the prototype builds and they have built our last three prototypes. P5 is similar yet different from the other prototype builds in that P5 is our final “prototype” before we build the “E” engineering vehicles. This changes some of the processes and methods that the team performs in making P5.

A key change for this prototype development cycle is building the P5 with an eye towards mass production/manufacturing. The design of the Elio is obviously done with mass production in mind. However, there is tremendous learning to be had in the P5 actual building process that will help reduce time and resources before we set up the manufacturing lines and processes for the production vehicle. On P1 through P4, the focus was more on making the Elio to prove our concept and also have a vehicle to take on the road and to the people so they could get a feel for what the Elio is. Each prototype was built predominantly to show the growth process to our fans and to reflect the changes we made along the way as we strive to perfect the vehicle.

Of course P5 will be a great vehicle for our fans to see and experience. Design modifications will be implemented along with other suggestions from our fans (through the Preview Tour and emails). We can’t wait for the vehicle to be rolled out – we are sure that you will love it! The P5 process is deeper than that however. It is helping us smooth out the future manufacturing process and how the Elio will come together when we start up the production line. This is just another creative and effective use of resources that help make us innovatively unique and will allow us to redefine competitive pricing.

Here are a couple of pictures of the P5 for your viewing pleasure:

A look through to the front from the trunk

A look through the cabin from the trunk


View of the of the interior panels fitting

View of the front interior floor pan fitting

View of the front interior floor pan fitting

View of body panel fitting (yes, the can go on and off several times!)

View of body panel fitting (yes, the can go on and off several times!)

The Elio Preview Tour:

October 3 & 4 – Albuquerque, NM – Balloon Fiesta – Balloon Fiesta Park; Sat, 10/3: 6 -9 am & 4-8 pm – Sun, 10/4: 6 – 9 am & 4-8 pm; P4 show


Thank you for your support.

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