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Moving Forward: A Plant Update

P5 plant

From the beginning of the project, our goal at Elio Motors has been to keep our supporters apprised of our progress while giving them a unique look at the process of bringing a new vehicle to market. Although the majority of our focus as of late has been on the next round of funding, there are other components of the project that are also moving forward that we would like to share with you. This week’s Momentum covers recent activity at Elio Caddo Operations (ECO), our manufacturing facility in Caddo Parish, Louisiana.

As a company, we have always maintained the belief that putting experts in different automotive fields together in the same space will be a major component of our success. Last week, the leads for several of our supplier partners met with Elio Motors engineers and manufacturing employees to discuss the strategic milestones of integration as we work toward the start of production. The meeting was led by our Vice President of Manufacturing and Product Launch, Gino Raffin. The meeting’s focus centered on the upcoming milestones and integration for the body and paint shops, general assembly, conveyance, controls and manufacturing integration. Together, our employees and supplier partners are moving the project forward by focusing on the next steps in the process.

The process of transforming a vehicle from an idea into a drivable reality can be likened to building a house: there are many tedious, yet important details that need to be accounted for. For example, a house’s front door ideally does not open directly into a bathroom. Additionally, many of us take for granted the intricacies of the house’s plumbing which requires planning and expertise. Similarly, the successful manufacturing process of a vehicle demands meticulous preparation and teamwork.

The conversations that took place between the different teams covered a wide variety of topics, ranging from the general to the granulated. For example, one discussion revolved around the power requirements of each department. While this idea may seem general, it requires specific calculations and logistics. One area of the process requires more power than another, and the spacing of the plant layout into this planning. Overall, meeting together to strategize the steps ahead ensures that the process will be smooth, efficient, and successful.

As we’ve endeavored to show in our past Momentums, the process of turning an idea into a reality is complex with many, many different moving parts. As we work on the next round of funding, we are moving the project forward in other essential areas. Gathering together our supplier partners and industry experts advances our mission in altering the course of transportation.


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