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New York International Auto Show Part 2 | Elio Motors

Hello Elio’ers!  The New York International Auto Show wrapped up on Sunday so this week’s blog will cover the second half of the event.  We had a steady stream of onlookers, which peaked over the weekend.

With news of the Tesla Model 3 circulating around the show, it helped attract even more attention to our booth.  People are curious about companies who are changing the auto industry.  Our unique, ultra high-mileage vehicle fits the bill as we are making it affordable to get from here to there, all while conserving oil.  Like Tesla’s surge in reservations since the announcement, the interest is in the numbers.  Our 51,000+ reservations valideate that the Elio has the momentum to positively disrupt the auto industry as we know it.  And we are eager to live up to that expectation.  Thank you for joining us.

Take, for instance, our loyal #FuturEliOwner Garth.  He first saw Elio Motors while he was browsing Facebook.  He loves how efficient the Elio is, not just with gas, but on parts too.  If you don’t need a 4th wheel, why have it, right?  When his #8787 reservation is fulfilled, he’ll be using his new Elio mostly for pleasure while he lives in NYC.  After he retires and leaves the state, it’ll be his main form of transportation.  Hey, it’s hard to argue with the NY transit system.  Especially judging by the traffic the Elio Motors Tour Team endured getting to the auto show every day.  Yikes!  At least in an Elio, you’ll be able to jump in the carpool lane.


Elio Reservation Holder, Garth #8787

We also met Ray from North Carolina.  He is a former motorcycle rider, but chose to hang up his helmet.  Our enclosed three-wheeler offers safety and comfort, while being incredibly fun to drive.  A great fit for Ray.


Ray in front of the P5

Come see us on tour.  We’ll be in Florida this weekend!  Check out our schedule below.

Upcoming Schedule – P5

Apr 08, 2016 – Apr 10, 2016 Barrett – Jackson, Palm Beach, FL – South Florida Fairgrounds – 9067 Southern Blvd West Palm Beach, FL Times: TBA by Barrett-Jackson – Website:

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