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Happy Friday Elio’ers! Another fun week here at Elio as we continue forward changing the way you get from here to there.

I hope you all had the opportunity to read this weeks Momentum about James Robertson and his sheer will and determination to get to work. Twenty three miles each way to work, walking 21 of the 46 mile round trip every day! Please take a minute and read about it if you haven’t already.

The story got me thinking of a conversation I had earlier this summer that is nothing like James’ story, but equally compelling on the other side of the spectrum – a 17 year-old female high school student (I did say the opposite side of the spectrum…).

We, like many of you, talk about Elio. A lot. Standing in line at the market, at the golf course, the mailman at the front door, on an airplane, everywhere to everyone. This conversation took place at a large home improvement store in my neighborhood on a Saturday morning as I was minding my own business and caught a glimpse of an Original Elio T-shirt (FutureElioOwner) out of the corner of my eye in the lumber department. Being shy, I high tailed it to find the shirt!

To make a long, fun, story short, I spoke with the father for 10 minutes while his daughter sat there politely, quiely looking at her phone but intensely listening as we talked about the Elio and the excitement the dad had for his next “fun toy.” As the conversation was wrapping up, the daughter looked up from her phone and said “I follow you on Instagram“. That was all I needed as I peppered her with a couple of quick questions. Editor’s note: These are not direct quotes as we were in the store with no notepad and I took out 50 or 60 “likes” and “kindas” to keep the word count down.

Me: What do you think about the Elio?

“I really like it, my Dad talks about it all the time. I can’t wait to get mine for college. It’s perfect for going away, the farther the better, and it won’t cost much. My dad and I worked out the cost, and I can afford it with my job, and the gas cost will be nothing.”

Me: So you’re going to get one?

“Yeah! I am totally going to get one, especially if Dad gives me his… I put gas in mine all the time and it’s too expensive”.

Me: What do you like best about the Elio, Made in the USA? The jobs creation? Helping our national deficit?

“Uh, yeah, no, well kind of I guess. Dad talks about that all the time but it doesn’t affect me directly, at least what I can feel every day. Dad says it is important, so I guess it is. I really like the look and the fact I can afford it, oh and it’s safe, a must for Mom and Dad. Oh, and the options!”

Me: OK, I get that. What options?

“I have to have a good stereo with an aux jack for my phone/tablet and Bluetooth. I don’t need anything else really, but the stuff Dad wants would be cool.”

The conversation went on about options and other items that she liked but the main take-away for me was that the Elio really is for everyone. From a 50 year-old person needing reliable transportation to get to and from work to a spunky high school student that “gets” that we are a viable alternative to her current gas guzzler. Elio can be for everyone.

It is also so cool to see generations coming together over a vehicle. Reminds me of the “old days” working with dad in the driveway.


Elio Preview Tour

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August 1-2 – Seattle, WA – see website

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