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P5 – Are you ready?

Happy Friday, Elio friends and family! Less than a week until the P5 is revealed at the Los Angeles Auto Show and the excitement we feel as a team and the buzz that we have read about online is palpable. Officially, the press conference for the reveal is less than 140 hours away – November 19, 10:00 am in Los Angeles. We can’t wait.

Before we get to the juicy part, remember this weekend is the last time to get your upgrade in before we send out the next batch of Spot in Line (SIL) emails. Sunday night at midnight is the deadline for this round. If you upgrade to $1,000 All In or make a $1,000 All In reservation between September 16 and November 15, you will get an email early next week with your SIL.  The next mailing will be after the first of the year for all new or upgraded $1,000 All In reservation holders.

Last week we took you back to the beginning of the P5 development and today we will bring you up the completion the P5. Keep reading until the end for a special treat for the readers of the blog. Let’s look at what happened next in the build, the Elio drivetrain.

The Elio engine will make its public debut in the P5 and we couldn’t be more excited. This is the first time in 60 years that a start-up transportation company in the United States has built its own unique internal combustion engine. Our partners at IAV have helped us create a vehicle specific powertrain to hit our 84 MPG highway target. Yet another major step in our progress towards making your Elio.

The engine and transmission installation is exacting work that causes several install, remove and install cycles, all to make sure that everything fits perfectly. While part of the team was working on the powertrain, other team members worked on the suspension, fuel handling/delivery, interior etc. to prepare the vehicle for reveal to our fans.

The P5 continues to come together. Interior body parts, suspension, wheel fairings and hundreds of other parts get into what will eventually be the Elio P5. The one step that really makes the vehicle come together for me is the addition of paint. Once the paint is applied, you know that we are in the home stretch or paint, interior, and detail…

After the multi-step paint process the vehicle interior is installed, again, and the final details are completed before the vehicle gets completely detailed. The thousands of hours that goes into creating the P5 is complete.


The Red Hot is taking over!

Before we leave you this fine blog Friday, here is a special treat for you loyal blog readers… we will post this to social media tomorrow, but we wanted to give you real fans an early peak at what is coming up next week. Enjoy!

Elio Preview Tour:

November 18 – 30 – LA Auto Show – a P5 show!

Thank you for your support!

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