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P5 in Action – 12-11-15


Happy Friday Elio’ers! We hope you are all almost ready for the upcoming holiday and enjoying the abnormally warm weather most of the country is experiencing. The coldest day we have had this season was the day after Thanksgiving and, of course, that was the day were all out hanging lights, perfect!

This is a time of year where we all start winding down… getting the house ready for the holidays, planning travel, cleaning the guest room, shopping for the perfect gift for me, things like that. Not so much here at Elio Motors. We continue to run full speed even while the rest of the country slows down. Some of the things we are working on you see every day (blogs, emails, reservations, Elio stock) and some you will see in the coming months. We love it and wouldn’t have it any other way as we drive to making your Elio.


Speaking of driving, we have received some emails and seen a few questions come through social media about the P5, more specifically “can it drive?” The short answer is, of course! Like all the hand-built prototypes before it, we treat it very carefully. It is one of a kind machine after all, which is why it has been driven by a very select group of people (Paul Elio is a name you could bank on). There have been very few opportunities to get the vehicle on film, it has had a very aggressive schedule, so we put this short video together to let you see the P5 in action. Enjoy! Click Here

Elio Preview Tour:

The P5 and the Tour Team are taking a much deserved rest until after the New Year – stay tuned!

Thanks for your support.

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