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Presenting the E1a

Happy Friday Elio’ers! We’re not sure about you, but the Fourth of July is one of our favorite holidays. Monday will mark 240 years of independence from the British empire. The signing of the Declaration of Independence sparked the beginning of a new kind of nation, and as they say, the rest is history. We hope that you celebrate your freedom in any way you see fit. It would be difficult to fit 240 candles onto a cake, so in lieu of a cake, let’s raise a glass on Monday and wish the United States a Happy Birthday!

Independence Day is one of our favorite holidays for several reasons. As you probably know, the project is driven by 4 “musts”: great gas mileage, unmatched base price, safe, and made in America. As the trade deficit continued to grow and gas prices ballooned out of control, our founder and CEO Paul Elio decided to take action. Paul wanted to build things in America again. The goal is to create an American vehicle, built in the United States with as much North American content as possible. We are proud to be an American company!

There have been several monumental days in our history. We unveiled the P4 at the Sundance Film Festival and the P5 at the Los Angeles International Auto Show. Yesterday marked another historic day in Elio Motors history. At our Pilot Operations Center in Livonia, Michigan, we unveiled our first E-Series vehicle in front of over 200 media members, supplier partners, and industry executives. The vehicle, known as E1a, represents a huge step forward in our journey. It’s a huge step, but only the next step, because we are making progress every day!
If you missed the press release, click here. Below are some great shots from the event.

Paul Speaking

Check out P2-5 and E1a and E1b all in one place!




The Continental Team removes the cover from the E1a during the press conference


And here it is!





We’ve got a ton more information to share with you next week, including a video of the press conference. As we continue to make progress, we will keep all of our great fans informed!


Elio Preview Tour:

Fourth of July Holiday


As always, thanks for your support and Happy Fourth of July!

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