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Progress Continues Toward Commercial Production | Elio Momentum

Elio Motors is nearing completion of its first E-Series vehicle at its Pilot Operations Center in Livonia, Michigan and we’re excited to visually share the story of the process in this week’s Momentum. So, if you’re wondering what we’ve been doing the first week of summer vacation, here’s a peek. We’ll try to keep it from getting too techie, but you know how engineers roll…

For those of you who are all about efficiency and power, here’s a great shot of the E-Series powertrain pictured in mid-installation, in position in the engine cradle. Note the engine stabilizing bar from the front support awaiting connection and the transmission mount on top of the frame rail, just above and to the left of the coil-over shock assembly.


The E-Series powertrain pictured in mid-installation, in position in the engine cradle.

When it comes to the E-Series’ handling, it’s all about the suspension. This is the left-front suspension of the vehicle being assembled at the Pilot Operations Center. As we’ve mentioned previously, the E-Series has an independent suspension up front, consisting of unequal upper and lower control arms, incorporating a coil-over shock absorber design, which provides excellent handling and stability.


The left-front suspension of the first E-Series vehicle being assembled at the Pilot Operations Center.

The E-Series’ swing-arm rear suspension also has been installed, with the ABS system’s electrical connection ready to be connected in this picture. Notice the multi-toothed ABS tone ring that is protected in the middle of the swing-arm assembly. When mounted, the E-Series’ rear wheel also helps provide protection for the tone ring.

The E-Series swing-arm rear suspension during installation.

The driver’s door, which at this point has not yet had the door skin installed, shows both the power window motor and regulator hardware in place. It also shows the impact beams, which tie the hinge pillar to the B-pillars. The impact beams are designed to work as a system and play a strong role in absorbing energy. In the event of an impact, they are designed to deflect or catch and minimize intrusion and transfer energy load to other parts of the vehicle.

The E-Series driver’s door, prior to the door skin being installed.

Elio Motors technicians position the E-Series’ front fender for attachment during vehicle assembly. The E-Series’ body panels are made from Sheet Molding Composite.

An E-Series front fender is attached during vehicle assembly.

In summary, if you’ve been following our work on the E-Series over the last six months, you can see the significant progress that our product development teams have made in making Paul Elio’s dream of producing an affordable, safe vehicle with a small environmental footprint that is made in America a reality. We’re in the process of transferring this momentum to the Elio Motors’ manufacturing team to take us through engineering testing and on into the Elio’s commercial production phase. Come along with us on this amazing journey as we make this dream a reality!

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