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A general rule for polite dinner conversation is to avoid certain topics, namely politics. In a presidential election year, those discussions become nearly inevitable. It seems every news outlet promotes stories that are sure to provoke an incendiary conversation. Despite partisan pundits and the confrontational nature of many news sources, a Pew Research Center poll has found that Americans agree on more issues than you may think. Even when political tempers run high, there are issues that can unite Americans.


When asked to identify the four most important issues facing the country this presidential election, Republicans and Democrats actually identify the same four issues. The poll found that the economy and job creation are both pressing issues that need to be addressed. On the surface, it would seem that while both parties share the same concerns, they differ radically in how to implement significant change. In reality, both parties identify a specific way to both provide a jolt to the economy and create American jobs.

Members of both parties believe in the value of startups and the importance of maintaining the American entrepreneurial spirit. According to Policy Mic, “With the rest of the world rapidly becoming competitive with the U.S., both parties agree that it’s more imperative now than ever to encourage invention and innovation if we hope to stay in the lead.” By promoting innovation, the United States can remain a leader on the world stage.

There are several clear ways to cultivate the American entrepreneurial spirit. A new development in the investment world has made it easier for Americans to support the launch of startups. In 2015, the Securities and Exchange Commission finalized rules mandated by the 2012 Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, which made it simpler for companies to raise capital from “non-accredited” investors. Regulation A, as amended by the concluding rules that make up “Regulation A+,” can help promising startups takeoff and create American jobs in the process.

Americans also believe that bringing back American manufacturing is vitally important. A poll found that “86 percent agreed (including 68 percent who strongly agreed) that U.S. companies outsourcing work to foreign countries is one of the reasons for our struggling economy and unemployment.” Bringing back American manufacturing not only creates American jobs, but can serve as an incubator for the American innovative spirit.

In a divisive political climate, it is easy to lose track of what is important. No matter the color of political affiliation, everyone wants the country to thrive. There are several issues that are universally supported: a strong economy, low unemployment, and the cultivation of startups and innovation. When the noise of the process is silenced, Americans can work together and focus on what is truly important.



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