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Salt Lake City ComicCon | Elio Motors Tour


Greetings Earthlings!  If you haven’t experienced a ComicCon event in person, you are missing a thrill.  It features a 2-day pageantry of “cosplayers” dressed as their favorite comic book, movie, sci-fi, or anime characters.  Both hero and villain parade among kindred spirits as they meet the artists, actors, and designers of todays pop culture entertainment.  You never know who is going to show up at an Elio display, and here in Salt Lake City, we drew a pretty diverse cast of characters ourselves.  Here’s a look at some of our favorite superheroes disguised as futureliowners!

Unknown Unknown-1 Unknown-2

We want to thank all the visitors who took time from their holiday weekend to come see us.  Summer may be winding down, but for Elio Motors, it signals the start of a very busy schedule.  Stay tuned for opportunities to see the Elio in a town near you.

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