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SEC, SIL, and More!

Happy Friday Elio’ers! Technically it’s summer, but politically it sure feels like autumn. Both political parties are having their Conventions earlier than normal, mostly because of the Summer Olympics.

Are you ready for the onslaught of political commercials in the coming months? At Elio Motors we consider ourselves to be “purple”- that is, we appeal to just about everyone. People on both the left and right, blue states and red states can all find something to love about the Elio. We also believe that all sides of the political spectrum can laugh at themselves a little bit. If you’ve seen some of our ads lately, you know what we’re talking about!

Folks that make a reservation for an Elio are unique and make up our Elio Motors family. Our reservation holders come from all kinds of places, from a variety of different perspectives, and are committed to the project for a myriad of different reasons. If you’ve ever seen an Elio Motors reservation holder refer to themselves as a number, either online or at a Tour stop, they are referring to their reservation numbers.

Reservation numbers or a Spot in Line (SIL) lets $1,000 “All In” reservation holders know exactly where they are in the reservation line. When you elect to reserve in the top level, your number is locked in and no one can move ahead of you in the queue.

We send out reservation numbers to $1,000 “All In” reservation holders every eight weeks or so and the next batch is going out next week! If you’ve been meaning to upgrade your reservation to the $1,000 “All In” level, make sure to upgrade before Monday, July 25th, to get on the next mailing.

If you have an “All In” reservation other than the $1,000 level, you can upgrade your reservation to the $1,000 level and lock in your spot! To upgrade, click on this link.
We often get emails from refundable reservation holders asking for their reservation numbers. SIL numbers are only given to $1,000 “All In” reservation holders. If you have a refundable reservation, but would like to convert your reservation to “All In”, simply fill out this form, send it back to us either through a scanner or take a picture with your smartphone.

If you made your $1,000 “All In “reservation before May 15, 2016 and already received your SIL from an earlier mailing, no sweat, you are good to go. We only email new $1,000 “All In” reservation holders their number. You will not receive an email with every mailing because you are all set!

Regulation A+ (Reg A+) is an important strategy for companies to raise capital at critical junctures of their growth. Elio Motors knows this to be especially true given our experience raising funds through Reg  A+ has given us a unique perspective and expertise. So much so, that the Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies invited Paul Elio to the meeting to provide the Committee with valuable feedback from the issuer’s perspective.Click here for more coverage.

In previous blogs, we have talked a little bit about our Supplier Summits. At these meetings of the minds, we are able to get the best and brightest the industry has to offer in the same room to develop and build the best possible vehicle. Yesterday we held another wildly successful Supplier Summit. Next week we’ll be sharing some of the details.


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Thanks for your support and have a tremendous weekend!

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