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Spot in Line Day!


Happy Friday Elio’ers! Hope you are enjoying the extra hour of sunshine this week – except Arizona, you all get enough already. We can see winter moving behind us in the rear view mirror.

Tonight, as soon as we finish the blog, we will be sending out the latest batch of Spot In Line (SIL) emails to some very eager $1000 All In reservation holders! The SIL is always a  hot topic on social media and through Elio email support so we felt it was a good time to review it as a reminder to our fans and as an introduction for the thousands of people that find Elio every week.

A SIL is an email sent only to the $1000 All In reservation holders and assigns them a number so they know exactly where they are in the reservation queue. This number is an extra benefit and is in addition to the Limited Edition t-shirt, bumper sticker and 50% reservation bonus that every All In reservation holder receives with their reservation. So, for example, if your SIL is #14,000, you will be the 14,000th person to have an opportunity to purchase an Elio! Another great benefit of getting your SIL is the knowledge that you will not lose your spot to a new reservation holder, your spot is your spot and all new folks get in line behind you!


Here are a few helpful notes about the SIL to kick off your weekend:

  • The time you make your reservation (or upgrade to $1000 All In) is your official SIL time/date. The second you get to $1000 All In you are locked in for your spot.
  • Each SIL mailing is only for the most recent people to achieve $1000 All In status. This mailing covers from January 12, 2015 through March 12th, 2015. If you made your $1k All In reservation or upgrade during this period, you will get an email tonight!
  • When this email goes out tonight every single $1000 All In reservation holder will have received their SIL email. If you do not have your number or cannot recall what it is exactly, send us a note and we can get it for you. The best email is [email protected] (or your special reservation holder email!)
  • If you don’t see your email tonight (for reservations from 1/12/15 through 3/12/15) please check your junk/spam folder, it sometimes gets caught in there.
  • If you know your number already, you will not get an email every time we email a new batch out.

Have fun with your new SIL number and remember to share it when you are chatting with other Elio fans. If you are All In at a lower reservation amount and want to get a better spot, click here to go to the website and upgrade your reservation today!

The Elio Preview Tour:

April 3-12, New York City for the New York Auto Show, Jacob Javitz Center; show hours; this is a P4 show

Thanks for your continued support!

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