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Happy Friday Elio’ers! There have been many rewarding and memorable events along our journey toward building the next big thing in transportation for the American market. They range from big to huge: starting with the building of P1, driving it for the first time, every subsequent prototype, CES, SEMA, reservation number 1, reservation number 2…

Each of those, and thousands more, lead us to believe that we are truly on to something that the American people want, and need. That feeling has only deepened this week as we have been invited to participate in three really cool events all in the same week: TEDxDetroit, Brand Innovators and Nazareth College.


Are you familiar with the TED Talks series? It is an amazing conduit designed to “share ideas worth spreading.” TED is a not-for- profit organization that began as a conference where technology, entertainment and design converged. Today, it spans all topics and has recruited great minds like Bill Clinton and Steve Jobs, and is broadcasted on National Public Radio. TEDx is an offshoot of TED and is run completely by volunteers in cities across the country.

Paul Elio was asked to speak at TEDxDetroit about his creation, Elio Motors. You can see the entire day here. If you what to see Paul, skip to 1:13:02 to see the eight minute talk. The feedback that we have received from the day (P4 made a surprise visit at Hockey Town as part of TEDxDetroit) has been fantastic and as always, the P4 stole the show.


On Wednesday we also had the distinct honor to participate in the Brand Innovators – Millennials Detroit. This was a summit of leading thinkers about branding to millennials. Many of you will remember that we were chosen as a “Top 25 Innovative American Products” by Brand Innovators in 2013, which was an honor. Even more rewarding is that they continue to ask us back to discuss innovation and branding, and in this case, to sit on a panel to discuss the branding and communication to this influential group.

The next event is at Nazareth College in Rochester, New York. This is another event where we were invited to speak to locals, students and media about the Elio Motors and have an open to the public show as well. This opportunity was actually started in the music department, by Nancy Strelau, Associate Professor and Music Director for Nazareth College. Nancy approached us to have the students of the music department come up with an Elio jingle that we can use on future videos and advertisements. We are really excited to see the creativity that these students bring as well as the opportunity to share the Elio story with the local community.

Progress every day.

And finally – a picture, OK, two, for your P5 fix for this week:


The P5 Elio Engine pictured through the front grill


Sleek Side View of the P5

Elio Preview Tour

October 13 – Rochester, NY – Nazareth College, 4245 East Ave; Presentation: Wilmot Recital Hall in the Wilmot Music Building 1 pm-1:30 pm; Vehicle Display: Arts Center Courtyard from 1:40 pm to 6:00 pm


Thank you for your continued support.

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