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Happy Friday Elio’ers! This is arguably the best time of the year. The sun is (hopefully) shining and graduations, weddings, and vacations all fill the upcoming calendar. And who can forget, the “Greatest 2 Minutes in Sports” takes place this weekend at Churchill Downs- the 142nd running of the Kentucky Derby is tomorrow! Of course, if the Elio was in the field, it wouldn’t even be a contest, but the horses are pretty impressive too.

This week, we will talk a little bit about how we communicate with you. We have received quite a few emails recently from folks who are not receiving our updates and want to get back on board. If you’ve signed up for updates in the past and are not receiving them, here’s how to get the information train rolling again:

Go through your inbox and find an older email from Elio Motors. Open it, scroll down to the bottom and click on “Email Preferences.” This will take you to a page which will show you the three different types of information you can choose from: Promotional, Information, and Vehicle. Select the types of emails you would like to receive, click “Update Email Preferences” and you will be back in the loop! If you have a reservation, make sure you are signed up for Information and Vehicle emails.  Information emails will keep you informed on our progress. The Vehicle list is for reservation holders only and is how we will communicate with you regarding your reservation.

If you cannot find an old email from us, or want updates but are not signed up yet, simply go to scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Sign Up For Our Newsletter!”

Newsletter 2

The next page will ask you to fill out a brief form. Now all you need to do is sit back, wait for updates, and become an expert on all things Elio.

If you haven’t visited our website recently, take a look and you will see a few changes. There are two new tabs: Customize and Customer Login. The Customize tab will take you to our new configurator, which lets you get a feel for the endless possibilities when it comes to customizing your Elio. This is the first version of the configurator, so make sure to check back early and often to see new additions. The Customer Login tab allows reservation holders to login to their Elio Motors account. If you have a reservation and/or upgrade in your shopping cart, you can access your account through this tab and complete the transaction. Additionally, if you’d like to update any information (new mailing address, phone number, etc.) you can do so by logging in to your account.

Speaking of reservation holders, we are about 10 days out until the next SIL (Spot in Line) mailing. This is the final round of SIL emails that will include the 50% bonus, so if you’ve been waiting to make the leap, now is the perfect time!

Elio Preview Tour

Travel and Engineering this week

Thanks for all of your support and have a fantastic weekend!

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