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Super Bowl, SIL, and Size!

Happy Friday Elio’ers! We’re not sure about you, but we think it’s time that the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday becomes a federal holiday.

Much like our vehicle, there’s something for everyone to love on Super Bowl Sunday. The game in and of itself is enough for some, but there’s also the commercials, the Halftime Show, the socializing, the wagering and the food. What more could you want? No matter who you’re rooting for, this promises to be an entertaining Super Bowl featuring two high flying, explosive offenses. Regardless of the outcome, the winner will claim their place in football history.

Speaking of claiming your place, the next batch of Spot In Line (SIL) emails will be going out next week. A quick recap: a SIL is a number for $1000 All-In reservation holders which lets them know exactly where they stand in the reservation line. We can only give reservation numbers to $1000 All-In reservation holders because all other reservations can change position, either by upgrading or converting from refundable to All-In.

We send out reservation numbers in batches and this batch covers everyone who made it to the $1000 All-In level between December 1st and February 5th. So, if you’ve been waiting to upgrade or make a $1000 All-In reservation, you have until Sunday at midnight to be included in next week’s batch. Today, the next available reservation number is just over 23,000. If you’ve already received an email with your SIL you will not receive another email because you already know your spot!

There’s no denying that our vehicle is unique. Because of our unique configuration and styling a common question is “Will I fit?” In the vast majority of cases the answer is “Not only will you fit, but you’ll fit comfortably!” At our tour events, we constantly get approached by all types of folks who are adamant that they will not fit. All we need to do is open the door for them and let them see for themselves and they are universally impressed. Tall, short, skinny, big, small – no matter the shape or size, just about everyone fits in the Elio!

The Elio is designed to accommodate, in terms of size, everyone between the 5th percentiles female to the 95th percentile male (which is roughly a 6’1’’, 200 pound person.) Even a gentleman in the 95th percentile has 3.5 inches of front seat head clearance! In case you haven’t made it to a tour event, here are some measurements in case you are still skeptical.

front seat
Front seat

Approximately 28 inches of side to side head room

29.75 inches of shoulder room

22.9 inches of hip room


Rear seat

Approximately 15 inches of side to side head room

26.6 inches of shoulder room

20.6 inches of torso room

24.75 inches of hip room


In case you need more proof, here’s a video/photo to make you a believer :


Thanks for your support and have a “Super” weekend!

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