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Super Elio Sunday 2-5-16


Happy Friday Elio’ers! What are you doing Sunday afternoon, say around, and 6:35 pm EST? If you’re like a lot of Americans, you will be buckling down for the spectacle that is Super Bowl L (50) on CBS. This year they are expecting 117 million people to watch the game live on television in the US, even more when you add in online watchers. [Interesting side note: Did you know that you could actually bet on the official viewership total via an online betting site, the line is at 117 million today] Americans love their football, and the Super Bowl is the crown on top.

Football is a game of numbers, especially around the Super Bowl. There are two areas that really jump out in regard to numbers: betting and statistic overload.

If you can think of a bet, almost anything, you can find it for the Super Bowl. A quick search uncovers these bets (plus a LOT more).


Who is going to win? That is the easy one and a normal bet you can find for almost every game, football or not. The Carolina Panthers are favored by 5.5 points and the over/under (total score for both teams) is 45 points. You can also bet the first half, second half etc., easy. You can also bet on whether the coin toss will be heads or tails and if the team that calls it will call heads or tails and will they be right or wrong. Wait, it gets better… who will score first? Last? Will there be a safety? You can even bet on the color of the shoes for the halftime star Beyonce. Wow.

That covers one type of numbers. The other is statistics. If you are a fan, have some time on your hands and like numbers, this is your happy place. The list of stats starts safely enough, average yards for the offense, the defense, rankings in the league, you know the simple ones. But because this is the Super Bowl and nothing in football competes with the big game for two weeks, the stat guys go crazy!


This is the first time two quarterbacks drafted #1 overall will play against each other in the big game. If that is not deep enough for you, how about the first time in history that the #1 and #2 overall from the same draft will play against each other. Yep, that is a stat. If a team has an interception for a touchdown their teams are 12-0 all time. Those stats too mainstream? How about one of the linebackers leads the NFL in pressures from the left side of the defense? Denver’s QB, Peyton Manning, is 7-1 in the San Francisco Bay area, and on a 7-game win streak? Stat guy heaven.

All these numbers got us thinking about how the game is really subliminal advertising for Elio Motors. Think about it…

  • One of the teams is the Denver Bronco’s – Paul Elio is from Denver
  • Four quarters in the game = our four tenets of the targeted $6,800 price, up to 84 MPG highway, made in America and safe
  • There are really 3 downs that count = three wheels… sure we give them four downs, but fourth down is extra, the work is done in the first three. Only the punter and his family are happy on fourth down. (Tip of the cap to the CFL for three downs)
  • Each team gets three timeouts per half – another nod to the two wheels in the front and one in rear fan


  • The goal post – do you see the design?
  • The snap of the football – the center in front, QB in back – always in tandem
  • A 30-second advertising spot is $5 million this year – that is over 700 Elio’s
  • The stadium hosting the game this year, Levi’s Stadium, will hold 75,000 people this year for the Super Bowl – When you watch the game, 2 out of three people you see in the stands could be Elio Reservation holders

Enjoy Super Bowl Weekend!

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