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Supplier Engagement – 8/15/14

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Happy Friday Elio Friends and Family!  This is a really fun time for us as most of the team is here in Detroit for the “world famous” Woodward Dream Cruise.   This is going to be a blast!

Coming to this part of the country is always cool because the vast majority of our supplier partners are located in the Detroit area.  We have talked about it before, but we are creating a different relationship with our suppliers than a traditional OEM would.  One big change is  that we have built our culture around the inclusion of the suppliers from the very beginning of the project as well as involving them at a much deeper level than they are used to historically.  This brings the experts of the individual pieces together at the beginning so that we can utilize the years and years of expertise that each person and company bring.  Additionally, by having all of the suppliers together from the start, we can discuss not only the parts themselves, but how they fit/interact with other parts as well.  This creates smart and reliable systems for the Elio.


IAV Engine Design Team

“The other major benefit of bringing these great suppliers in early like we have is the knowledge of existing parts in their individual product lines” says Steve Semansky, Vice President of Supplier Relations for Elio Motors.  “No one knows the lines like these guys which allows us to get proven quality and a great value for these parts, using existing technology.”


Today, before we headed over to “The Cruise,” we invited our supplier partners to come over and see and experience the P4. This was a great chance for the group to get together and get the real Elio Experience of a tour stop, with the added bonus of some test drives!

Together we had over 135 supplier partners participate in today’s event which represented almost every part of the vehicle.   Everyone had the chance to sit in the vehicle,  and like true fans, take some pictures.  This was like a normal tour stop except for two main differences:  there was a chance for the supplier partners to take the Elio out for a spin, and the talk around the vehicle!  The conversation wasn’t typical for a tour stop, basically the polar opposite!  The Tour Team were the ones asking questions of them so that we could get into the deep details that you have asked about.  As you would expect, this also turned into a working event for the suppliers and Elio staff – all of the talk was about the Elio and making it great!

What a fantastic way to kick-off the Cruise weekend, thanks to all of the supplier partners for coming out!


Elio Engine Block Castings

This week in the Preview Tour:

Saturday, August 16; Metro Detroit, MI; Woodward Dream Cruise, 9am – 8pm; P4 showing;  31200 Woodward Ave Royal Oak, MI 48073 (Village Automotive building)


Thanks again for your continued support!


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