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Tech Talk v50 – How is Elio’s Internet Connectivity Different?

The Elio “E-Live” Internet Vehicle:
Empowering drivers with Internet-connected tools on their own terms

It’s your vehicle. Shouldn’t you choose how to connect?

Let’s face it. We live in a connected world, and the vehicle you drive is no exception. Smartphones, iPads, laptops – even connected watches – are changing the way consumers connect with the world.  It makes sense that the next evolution is to connect your vehicle to these devices.

For Elio Motors, it means providing the “E-Live” Elio vehicle, powered by Infinite Skyz technology. This system, available as an option when we launch later this year, will connect our customers, their Elio and their devices, providing a wide range of productivity, safety and convenience options.

Of course at Elio Motors, we like to be just a little different. Because, it isn’t our vehicle. It’s your vehicle. We want you to pick the things that best fit your own lifestyle.

We’ll offer our “E-Live” options much like we offer our other vehicle options. Individually.

Traditional OEMs put option packages together that force customers to buy things they don’t want or need. Want a sunroof? Then you gotta get the vanity mirror. It shouldn’t work that way.

Here’s how it might work for the Elio E-Live: Have a teen driver? Pick the E-Live option that provides GPS tracking. Using the Elio for business? Then opt for the feature that lets you track business miles and expenses.

The E-live platform is sure to evolve over time. After all, technology improves quickly. But, here are just a few of the options we are likely to offer at launch.

  • E-Secure– The Elio security system will allow consumers to remotely lock, locate and inspect the environment around their vehicle.  The system will allow the consumer to visually inspect the vehicle surroundings via an optional camera, this can be accomplished remotely via iPhone or iPad.
  • E-Vision—Utilizing an iPad Mini, the E-Vision turns the iPad Mini into a complete back up and driving camera system, allowing the driver to see a full 180 degrees to the side and rear of the vehicle.
  • E-Navigate—Utilizing and iPad Mini or IPhone, the E-Navigate system allows consumers to use the latest navigation system, with updates.
  • E-Audio—The E-Audio application allows the consumer to build a customized entertainment interface and to select their favorite music providers.
  • E-Tools—E-Tools allows consumers to select a wide variety of driving, business and productivity apps. From tracking miles for taxes to organizing travel data for expense reports, E-Tools offers all of the best business and personal applications.
  • E-Doctor—E-Doctor is a series of diagnostic and maintenance applications that are integrated into the sensor system. From tracking RPM’S, oil to tire pressure to much more, this system will help the consumer keep their Elio healthy.

Of course, that’s just the beginning.  Like we said…technology moves quickly. That’s why we made the platform flexible enough to add new features and the latest technology upgrades. Not only does it evolve as technology evolves, it can evolve as your lifestyle evolves too. We’re excited to bring this technology to market and can’t wait to see what the engineering team comes up with next.

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