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Tech Talk v54 – Elio Legislative Update

Innovative Vehicles Need Innovative Legislation:
Elio Motors Continues Efforts to Add Helmet, Motorcycle License Exemptions in 19 States

Sometimes innovation moves so quickly it is tough for lawmakers to keep up. After all, the legislative process takes time and effort for our leaders to draft, debate and vote on new ideas.

And, there is no question, the Elio is a new idea!

It’s really not surprising that so many states are working on making changes to the law to accommodate the Elio. We truly are inventing a new vehicle category and legislators across the country realize that it’s important to their constituents’ safety to get this right.
Today, there are 19 states working on exemptions for helmets and motorcycle licenses. Several of these are coming to a vote in the coming months.

Here’s a recap.

Currently only five states remain with motorcycle helmet requirements for enclosed autocycles.

  • At the start of the 2015 session, Mississippi House Transportation Committee unanimously moved HB 111 out to the House floor.  Sponsored by Representative Steve Massengill, the legislation puts autocycle in definition and removes helmet and motorcycle endorsement requirements for Elio autocycles.  HB 111 is expected to clear the House by mid-February.  Also in Mississippi, Senator David Parker (SB2225) and Senator Joey Fillingane (SB2122) are handling the Senate versions of the legislation.
  • In Missouri, Senator Jay Wasson, Chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, has introduced SB 344 and is leading the effort to exempt helmets and motorcycle license requirements in the Senate. Representatives Dave Hinson (HB 580) and Charlie Davis (HB 562) are taking the lead in the House.  The bills remove helmet and endorsement requirements and put autocycle in definition.
  • Nebraska’s Senator Jim Smith, Chairman of the Transportation Committee, sponsored LB231 which had its first hearing February 2.  The legislation puts “autocycle” in definition and exempts helmet and motorcycle license requirements for autocycles.  LB231 is expected to be voted out of committee this week. Passage out of the Senate should soon follow.
  • Senators Bob Beach, Herb Snyder and Bob Williams have sponsored SB 259, leading the legislative effort in West Virginia.
  • Representative John Torbett has introduced H6 in North Carolina and awaits House Transportation Committee passage, rounding out the last of the 5 states requiring helmets.
  • Arizona’s Senator Judy Burges has SB 1051 on the move, which cleared the Senate Transportation Committee last week.  The bill places “autocycle” in definition and exempts autocycles from motorcycle endorsements.  Passage out of the Senate is expected soon.  Representative Warren Petersen (HB 2211) has joined the effort with companion legislation in the House.

We encourage all of our fans to be active participants in the legislative process. If you get a chance, and you live in one of these states, drop your representative a note and let them know you support the new legislation. Ultimately, it will be good for Elio, our fans, and you!

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