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Tech Talk v60 – The Elio Customization Process

What Options Would You Like? At Elio, That’s Up to You!

Yes, Elio Motors approaches things differently. A three-wheeled, two-seater, American made vehicle that gets up to 84 MPG all for an expected price of $6,800 is unique indeed. We also strive to be unique in our entire business model. How we offer options is a great example.

Most automakers use the “package” system. Options are bundled into a limited number of packages. One package could include leather seats, an entertainment system and a passenger side vanity mirror. Packaging options are more efficient for the automakers, but it means the customer pays for things they might not want or need. Don’t want the vanity mirror? Well, you get it, and get to pay for it, because it comes with the leather seats.

At Elio Motors, this step of the process will put the consumer and their needs at the forefront. In order to get you, the Elio buyer exactly what you want, we will build the Elio in seven different colors with two transmissions — standard and automatic (option) — for a total of 14 individual vehicles from which to choose. Of course this comes with a solid base of standard features included in the base price such as AC, power windows/lock, AM/FM stereo, safety management system and a 3 yr/36,000 mile warranty.

Each option is sold separately. So, if you want the power leather seat, Lear Corporation is our supplier and that is available. If you want the blind spot detecting mirrors, Continental is our supplier and you can get that as well. There will be an abundance of options for you to choose from, all of which will be added after you purchase your Elio.





Infinite Skyz, turns Elio into an internet connected vehicle.


Customization Process

The Elio Motors customization process will work like this.

STEP 1: A potential customer walks into one of our 120 company-owned stand-alone Retail Centers in the top 60 markets and orders, for example, the Creamsicle Elio with leather seats and blind spot detecting mirrors up to as late as 9 p.m. when the Retail Centers close.

STEP 2: For the next three hours, the orders are cleared and the content you select for your Elio is then added at one of our seven Marshaling Centers.

STEP 3: At midnight your customized Elio is placed on a truck for delivery to the Elio Retail Center that you placed the order. And, given the Marshaling Centers are no further than nine hours from an Elio Retail Center, you will receive your customized Elio next day after you place your order.

For current reservation holders, the process varies slightly in that two-to-three months prior to your Elio being built you will be notified via email to select your color, transmission and options.

We will continue to add new options that will be available for your degree of customization that best suits you. So stay tuned. In the meantime, feel free to begin dreaming by going to

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