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TechTalk 43 – Technosports Creative

A Little Hollywood in Motown Helps Get Elio off the Ground

If you talk to the executives at Technosports Creative, one of the core skills they espouse is going from data-to-reality. It’s true. Give the company a file with engineering specs or even a sketch drawing and they can turn it into a real product that you can see, touch and in our case, drive.

We think there is a better description. For Elio Motors, Technosports Creative has been a key partner in turning Paul Elio’s dreams into reality. Paul had a very clear vision for what he wanted to do and he and his team developed the initial computer drawings that depicted what he wanted to create.

But, bringing a drivable prototype to life? That took some special skills.

Enter Technosports Creative.

The Livonia, Michigan, based company specializes in building unique vehicle models and cutaways for tradeshows, and dabbles in doing restoration work on classic cars. But, what the company might be best known for is making vehicles that can be used in Hollywood movies. Among its movie credits is “Need for Speed,” an action film based on the Electronic Arts video game. The movie was shot in metro-Detroit in 2013, just a handful of miles from the Technosports Creative offices.

The company converted seven Mustangs for Need for Speed. While these ultra-fast performance vehicles are more suited toward car-chases and raw action than an environmentally friendly, affordable vehicle like the Elio, the basic premise is still the same. If you want something really unique and cool, bring in the team from Technosports Creative.


“When you need to take something from idea to reality, few companies are as well qualified as Technosports Creative,” Paul Elio said. “Whether it’s working on a Hollywood blockbuster or helping a company like Elio Motors literally change the way people think about transportation, the team at Technosports Creative has the vision and talent to bring ideas to life.”

The Technosports Creative team first joined Elio Motors for some updates to the P2, providing some refinements to the vehicle’s fit and function. Since then, the company has assisted with the build for both the P3 and P4 prototypes and has provided vehicle maintenance to keep it in top form on the nationwide tour.


Most recently, the company helped prep the vehicle to show off at the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) in Las Vegas. As the Elio always does on nationwide tour stops, the vehicle helped turn heads and create significant booth traffic. The SEMA traffic was particularly gratifying, as these were industry professionals who see eye-catching designs every day.

“The P4 and the nationwide tour have been an important building block for creating relationships with our fans,” Paul Elio said. “Technosports Creative, much like they’ve done in the movie business, has been one of the many unsung heroes in bringing our vehicle to the people.  When our fans see the prototype they love it. Technosports Creative’s talent and energy are a big reason why.”

While the P4 will continue to turn heads from coast-to-coast, the next step for Technosports Creative will be on a more destructive – but no less important — role. As Elio Motors gets closer to launch, our engineering partner, Altair, will design several prototypes for the purposes of impact safety testing. Technosports Creative will take the input from Altair and turn it into physical prototypes. While it will be hard to watch their handiwork go through the impact safety test process, we suspect they’ve seen their work take a few shots before. After all, what’s a good action packed Hollywood blockbuster if it doesn’t crash a few cars?

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