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The “Big Three”


When an offense scores a rushing touchdown the running back is the player that crosses the goal line and is awarded a touchdown in the stat sheet but he does not do it alone. To successfully score, the coach must call the correct play, the quarterback must seamlessly execute the handoff, and the offensive line must work together to create the necessary space for the running back. In many ways, starting a new company can be likened to a successful football team: it takes a cohesive team working together to reach your goals. Today, we will take a look at three important components that are vital to our ultimate success.

The Team

Experience is an indispensable attribute while endeavoring to alter the course of transportation. Luckily, the Elio team and our Board of Directors have countless years of automotive experience and business development. Members of our team have worked for both automotive startups and the Big Three. This experience and leadership provided by the Elio team and our Board of Directors is a crucial component of our success.


Speaking of experience, we have assembled a roster of blue-chip supplier partners who will provide the various components of the vehicle to Elio Motors. Our supplier list includes some of the biggest names in the industry, like Bosch, Continental, Aisin, and Comau. Collectively, these suppliers provide Elio Motors with thousands of years of automotive experience that is irreplaceable. Additionally, these suppliers have and will continue to work together to ensure our products exceeds expectation.

The Plant

Our plant in Shreveport, Louisiana is very important part of the process. The plant, which was constructed in 1981 and significantly expanded in 2002, was previously home to General Motors and was the birthplace of the H3 and the Chevrolet Colorado. The equipment in the plant, most of which we will utilize for production, saves us significant capital which allows us to keep the base price low.  The people of Caddo Parish and the Shreveport area are also tremendous assets. Even though General Motors left the area in 2012, much of the encyclopedic knowledge of the automotive manufacturing process remained local with the people in the area. We look forward to utilizing their expertise and passion as Elio Motors employees.

The best offenses in football history have all possessed the same attributes: a game plan and the right players to execute the plays. Similarly, every successful business is powered by the collaboration of its best assets. We believe that the combination of the Elio team, our world class supplier partners and the people of Caddo Parish and Shreveport will ultimately allow us to be successful and transform the future of transportation.

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