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The Champion is… 4/4/14

The “Inaugural March Elio Color Madness Championship” bracket has come to a close and we have a winner!   The race was a lot fun to watch go up and down on a daily basis.  Votes would swing hour by hour and we had 12 lead changes.  In the final hours of the bracket, the second place finisher closed the gap to less than 200 votes (out of almost 10,000!).   So without further ado… your winner of the “Inaugural March Elio Color Madness Championship” is…  Licorice!


It was a very close match-up, Creamsicle put up a great fight!  The overall power of licorice showed in the end with many comments coming in from both sides:

“Licorice is so classic, the “badness” of this color on this cool vehicle is undeniable.”

“They picked Creamsicle for a reason for P4, bright, cheery, and flat-out fun!”

“Both of these colors win in my book, the Elio is perfect in these two colors… I am going with the winner.”

Some stats from the “Inaugural March Elio Color Madness Championship”:

  • The Championship Game had almost 10,000 votes
  • The largest margin of victory – Red Hot over Marshmallow 61-39
  • Closest games – by percentage: Licorice over Creamsicle 51-49; Creamsicle over Red Hot 51-49
  • Closest game – by total votes: Sour Apple over True Blue by 89 votes
  • Total votes cast by our awesome Elio fans: 37,386
  • Top Four Finishers:  #1- Licorice; #2 Creamsicle; #3 Red Hot; #4 Sour Apple



And to close this week let’s look at a popular question from [email protected]:

“Why can’t I see my reservation in the new system?  I want to upgrade it and can’t.”

  • We introduced a new reservation system with the website upgrade at the end of October last year.  The reservations that were made in that system are still in good standing and as you made them.  We will combine the systems later this year.  If you would like to make an upgrade to your existing “All In”  (only All In reservations can upgrade) reservation, simply go to the website and click on Make a Reservation on the upper right.  At the first pop up window, click on Make an Upgrade (on the lower left hand side).  From there, follow the instructions.  Remember to use the same email that you used for your original reservation so we can add it to your original reservation correctly!

Thanks for your continued support and joining us on our journey.

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