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The Elio Motors Tour Team Announces Nazareth College Jingle Competition Winner

Hello Elio’ers!  It’s Tuesdays, so you know what that means.  Besides being a little closer to the weekend than Monday, you also have the Elio Preview Tour blog to look forward to!  This week we’re following up on our visit to Nazareth College.  If you remember, we went to the college in Rochester last month for a jingle competition. We provided the competitors with two videos to score music to and we picked winners for each.  We were overwhelmed with the amount of quality entries.  As Jerome Vassallo, Elio Motors Vice President of Sales, put it…

“Elio Motors would like to thank Nazareth College and Nancy Strelau for hosting the Elio Jingle contest.  We would also like to extend a congratulations to the winners, and thank each student for participating.  There were quite a few viable submissions, and we can visualize different applications for several of them.  In the end, the selected winners captured the excitement and passion of the Elio project and set the perfect tone to capture the attention of the listening audience.  Thank-you all once again for selecting Elio Motors as the inspiration and for sharing your talents to an audience of your peers and Elio Motors fans.  Well done and again, Congratulations!”

Before we get to the winner, watch a short 3 minute documentary video Nazareth College put together about the process.

Okay, without further adieu, the winners of the 1st Annual Nazareth College Commercial Music Competition are… (DRUMROLL)

Commercial Video Promo No. 1

There was a tie between Commercial 9, entitled “Right There” and Commercial 10, entitled “Night Drive.”  Music for both commercials were written by Music Business sophomore, Jacob Brooks.  Both commercials will be looped and played at the L.A. Auto Show where the Elio will be on display under the ‘Innovation’ category.

Commercial Video Promo No. 2

The winning commercial music entitled ‘84’ (Commercial D) written by Physical Therapy major freshman, Kyle Bronson and BFA in Visual Communication Design freshman, David DiPrimo.

Check this link to see the three finalists for commerical 1 and commercial 2, and runner up entries:

Once again, a huge thank you goes out to Nazareth College faculty and their students who submitted entries!  We are truly honored.

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