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The Elio Plant – Equipment 1/16/15

The controls.

Happy Friday Elio’ers! The topic of today’s blog is the selling of our surplus equipment from the plant in Shreveport, LA. The press release of this important step in our growth was well received and created a flurry of questions that we will address here today.

The process started with a thorough review of all of our equipment in the plant with our manufacturing partner Comau.  That sounds easy enough… until you understand that the plant is huge!  The plant has almost two times the square footage of the Empire State building – all on one level. Going through the plant was a significant undertaking and took many man hours to complete. Once we knew what and where everything was located, we then determined what we would use to build your Elio.  The difference between what we have and what we need is the list of surplus equipment for sale.

The surplus equipment is significant to say the least. Not surprising when you realize that we are not making Hummers and pick-ups but instead a high value, low cost, high mileage 2-seater! The current list of equipment has a value of over $17 million dollars which represents less than 15% of the total available surplus equipment. That is a lot of equipment to sell!

The surplus equipment runs the gambit from small to very large. There are electrical parts for different machines that can be had for what is in your wallet, all the way to massive presses that have to be seen to believe.  One of the largest surplus pieces of equipment is a special press used to make stamped sheet metal parts. One happens to be a 2500 ton model.  That’s right, 2500 TONS of pressure.


I am sure that there are engineers out there that can compare what that means, math and stuff, but picture this: the press has to be located on a dedicated reinforced concrete pad, isolated from the rest of the plant so as not to shake the entire place.  It is basically the size of a two story house, over 20 feet tall and 30 feet wide, simply HUGE.  This is the type of equipment that would make Tim the Toolman Taylor create a whole different sound.

You can see the web store with the surplus equipment here.

Elio Motors owns the equipment in the plant and selling the surplus equipment is an important step in our progress and is part of our funding solution. The surplus equipment sale also helps the environment (reuse versus scrap) and can create jobs which is in perfect sync with the Elio vision.

Panoramic view of the Elio Motors facility. To give you an idea of the size, the Empire State Building is 2.158 million square feet which is just two-thirds of the facility!

Panoramic view of the Elio Motors facility.

This week in the Preview Tour:

January 16-18 – Scottsdale, Arizona: Barrett Jackson Auto Auction – Show hours – P4 show

January 23 – 25 – Tucson, AZ: Tucson Mall, 4500 North Oracle Road – Friday/Saturday 10 am – 9 pm and Sunday Noon to 6 pm

Thank you for your continued support!

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