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The Elio Retail Strategy


Happy Friday Elio’ers! It may seem hard to believe, but a new season finally began last night. We are, of course, talking about the kickoff of the NFL season that took place last night. Sure, it may just be preseason, and the stars and starters are seeing more time on the bench than on the field, but it’s a start. If the NFL doesn’t quite do it for you, the start of the college football season is only 22 days away! We’re not sure about you, but there’s something comforting about having football on the TV. Happy Football season!

In past Friday Blogs, we have talked quite a bit about the process of ordering an Elio. Ultimately, our plan is to have 120 retail centers across the country. We have outlined how the process will work for both reservation holders and the general public. Today we’re going to take a closer look at the locations of the retail centers.

As we mentioned, we plan on having around 120 retail centers. Most of these centers will be located in the top 60 United States markets based on population. Below is a map that gives an idea of the  locations for our retail centers:


Our goal is to make buying an Elio a breeze, no matter where the customer is in the country. We plan on having at least one retail center in each of the top 60 US markets. Some of these markets, like New York City and Los Angeles, will more than likely have several retail centers to provide adequate coverage for those areas. Please note that the above map is subject to change as we continue to develop our final retail strategy.

As we work through this process, we thought we might reach out to our reservation holders and supporters for their input. As a group, you are evenly represented across the country and we figured you know your area better than anyone else. If you have any suggestions or feedback on a great location for an Elio retail center, feel free to email us at [email protected] Keep in mind that our locations will be unique- our stores will more resemble a tech store than a traditional car lot. Each time we’ve asked for feedback in the past, we’ve been blown away by the responses- we look forward to reading your suggestions and thoughts!

In case you missed it, this past week’s Momentum covered some recent progress that is taking place in Shreveport. Last week, the leads for several of our supplier partners met with our manufacturing employees and engineers and to talk about the strategic milestones of integration as the project moves forward. Here’s the link to the Momentum.

Thanks for your continuing support!

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