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The Elio Tour Team in Albuquerque

Hello Elio’ers!  This past week we were in New Mexico for our third appearance at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta and a showing at a local Pep Boys.

Nothing rivals the mass ascension of hundreds of hot air balloons on a crisp October morning amidst the cerulean desert sky.  The Balloon Fiesta is nothing short of a pilgrimage of folks from all around the world who come to gaze in awe of these lofty giants.  Then, once the last balloon has set course, the focus quickly turns to other realms of transportation… namely the Elio.  Here’s a glimpse into an early morning  at the Elio Motors display:


And here is a video summary of our time at the event, so you can better capture its beauty…

Besides the Balloon Fiesta, we spent some of our time at an Albuquerque Pep Boys meeting a bunch of #futureliowners.


Erv and Deb moved to NM from the Twin Cities.  They hold a reservation number in the “6,000-ish” area.  They’ve been waiting a year for us to return, and were so excited to finally see us in person.  Erv’s first impression:  “Awesome!”, “Sweet!”, “It’s the future!” He is a retired semi driver for the U.S.P.S. and Deb is retired from hospital administration after 21 years.  They reserved theirs just for “tooling around town.”


Special shout-outs go to…

Alvin #12,360, for the coolest hat


To Major John Pope, US AirForce #3,898 for defending the country we love so much


And finally, to reservation holder and Jimmy John’s store owner Doug Adams (not pictured) who treated the entire Elio staff to lunch!  He sure knows the way to the tour team’s heart!

Honorable mention:  Branden at the Chocolate Cartel. Need we say more?

And some guy named Jesse, who gave us some terrific blue stuff… #BreakingBad

Upcoming Tour Schedule – P4

Oct 24, 2015 – Oct 25, 2015 Chandler, AZ – Chandler Fashion Center – 3111 W Chandler Blvd – Times: Sat – 10am-9pm – Sun – 11am-6pm –

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