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The Final Step


What do you see when you look at a vehicle? To some, a vehicle is merely an object that gets them from point A to point B. For others, their interest in a vehicle does not extend past the brand name or the standard conveniences. Not at Elio Motors. We believe that a vehicle can be representative of much bigger ideas: the importance of American manufacturing, the potential for financial freedom, a smaller carbon footprint and the enduring spirit of innovation. Our interest only begins with the ideas a vehicle can represent. We are interested in including our supporters in the process of building a new vehicle, from point A to point B. Today, as we continue our manufacturing and launch series, we will show you what point B looks like.

In last week’s Momentum, we showcased the processes that will shape the operations in Building A. Once the vehicle (which at this stage consists of a painted door, hood, chassis, and trunk) reaches Building A, we will add approximately 240 components as it moves through roughly 175 different stations. The trim components added at this stage range from the obvious, like the drivetrain and the steering wheel, to the obscure, such as fasteners and sound proofing. The plant’s efficiency will be ensured by using two working documents, the Operation Description Sheet (ODS) and the Detailed Task Instructions (DTI.) Through the use of these tools, along with the expertise of Elio team members and our supplier partners, components will be added to the vehicle with optimum efficiency.

Each station in Building A is unique. While the majority are designed to add components to the vehicle, some are “quality” stations which are put in place to ensure that the vehicle progresses correctly through the other stations. The ultimate goal is to ensure safety for Elio Motors team members, an efficient progression of the vehicle down the line, and quality.


Once all the components have been added to the vehicle, it will have completed its journey down the manufacturing line and undergo final preparations prior to shipping. After the vehicle’s fluids have been filled and the electrical system has been connected, we will make sure that the headlights are correctly aligned. Then the vehicle moves on to a “dynamic vehicle test” in which the vehicle is put onto a dynamometer and subjected to a battery of tests to make sure the powertrain is running correctly. Next, the vehicle will be run on a “squeak and rattle” track which aptly tests the vehicle for squeaks and rattles. Once it passes this test the vehicle will undergo a water test, meaning that water will be sprayed from every angle to confirm that the vehicle is water resistant in the correct areas. Finally, the vehicle can make its triumphant exit from Elio Caddo Operations and be on its way Elio Motors reservation holders.


There are many things that can be described as simply a means from point A to point B. Ultimately, the things that matter include an incredible number of steps between start and finish. No matter how you view a vehicle, we look forward to taking you along this rewarding journey with us.

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