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The Gas Tax Debate and More

Paying the Tax ManBenjamin Franklin famously said that “Nothing is certain except death and taxes.” This quote even applies to a stop at the gas station. Included in the price of a gallon of gasoline is an 18.4 cent federal gas tax. The gasoline tax has not changed since 1993, so it should not come as a surprise that there is currently a discussion in Washington about a potential tax increase. As lawmakers debate the issue, constituents are divided on the matter.According to the Hill, “Forty-six percent of respondents said that raising the tax is a good idea, while 44 percent said it’s a bad idea. The 2-percentage point difference falls within the survey’s 3.4-percentage-point margin of error.” Recently, a 25-cent increase has been proposed. On the state level, gas taxes vary from 58 centers per gallon in Pennsylvania to 12 cents in Alaska.

While it’s difficult to forecast if an increase in the gas tax is likely, the issue highlights the importance of fuel efficiency. A vehicle like the Elio acts as an effective insurance policy against the volatility of gas prices and taxes.


Car Buying Tips

As new car prices continue to reach new exorbitant heights, car buyers are on a perpetual lookout for savings. The Drive recently compiled a helpful guide to assist the cost-conscious car buyer.

To begin, it’s wise for car buyers to wait for specific times throughout the year to make their purchase. “Not only are the last few days of the month great but if that month happens to be the end of a quarter it can be one of the cheapest times to buy a car. This really gets kicked up a notch at the end of the year.” The article further advises consumers to take advantage of Holiday sales, buy new vehicles during auto shows, and avoid the start of the new model year. Logically, the article posits the idea of avoiding SUV purchases in the winter and convertibles during the warmest months.

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While the article undeniably dispenses valuable wisdom, we at Elio Motors aspire to make its findings irrelevant. Ultimately, we plan on having Elio Motors retail centers in the top 60 US markets, which allows us to control the price and the overall buying experience. The base price of the Elio will be the same for every customer, every day of the year. The Elio Motors purchasing process will be haggle and stress-free. Whether you walk into an Elio Motors center in New York, New Orleans, or New Mexico, you will have the same superior experience and unbeatable price.

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