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The Great Race

Established in 1983, The Great Race has taken many different routes over the years; including a 2,500 mile Disneyland (Anaheim, CA) to Disneyworld (Lake Buena Vista, FL) run, a 2,400 mile Great Lakes Circle run starting in Traverse City, MI to Dearborn, MI with stops in Canada, NY, PA, and Ohio. This year will feature a 2,000 mile Kirkwood, MO to Santa Monica, CA run along historic Route 66. The drivers come from all over the world including Japan, the UK, Germany, and across the U.S. with Elio reservation holder Dick R. (driver) and Mike C. (navigator) from Oklahoma City, OK and Montgomery, TX.

The vehicles entering this race are pre-circa 1972, with a 1915 Hudson representing the “most vintage” of the field. Dick and Mike will be fielding a beautiful white, 1970 Jaguar XKE, a classic in her own right. They are an experienced rally team with a passion for competition.

While not part of the race, The Elio and Elio Tour Team will greet Dick and Mike in 9 cities along the 1,900 mile route.   The Elio will be displayed each evening from 5pm-9pm at or near the finish on race activity days in the following cities.


6/20 – Race start: Kirkwood, MO – Kirkwood Depot (9:00am – 11:00am)


6/20 – Elio Springfield, MO – St. Louis Street, Downtown Springfield (5pm – 9pm)


6/21 – Oklahoma City, OK – Mickey Mantle Drive (5pm-9pm)


6/22 – Amarillo, TX – Historic 6th Avenue (5pm-9pm)


6/23 – Santa Fe, NM – The Plaza downtown Santa Fe (5pm-9pm)


6/24 – Gallup, NM – Courthouse Plaza (5pm-9pm)


6/25 – Flagstaff, AZ – Aspen Street downtown Santa Fe (5pm-9pm)


6/26 – Lake Havasu, AZ – McCulloch Blvd (5pm-9pm)


6/27 – San Bernadino, CA – Court Street downtown Santa Bernadino (5pm-9pm)


6/28 – Race end: Santa Monica, CA – Santa Monica Pier (3pm-8pm)


Check the Elio website under Tour Events. Facebook and Twitter for daily updates as we approach the start of the race. Please also note that the Tour Team’s route to each destination city will be different than the race participants. Please do not interfere with the racers in any way. They are under very strict regulation regarding anything that is, or could be perceived as, outside assistance, etc.


Go to for additional race specifics including photo gallery, places, rules and history.

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