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The Infamous “Spot in Line”

Happy Friday Elio’ers!  Really busy week for the marketing team and the news continues to be fantastic as we are ever closer to changing the way you move.  One of the things that went out this week was the “Spot in Line” emails which is a good topic for this week’s blog!


We found the real meaning to this question!

Some may be asking, “What is a ‘Spot in Line’ email?”  The Spot in Line email (SIL) is an email that the $1,000 All In reservation holders get to let them know their actual spot in the production queue when the Elio starts rolling off the line late next year.  It is your actual number in line to get your Elio and it is reserved only for the $1,000 All In reservation holder.   This is reserved for the $1,000 All In because they are the only reservation that knows that no one will come in above them later with a higher reservation.   You may have noticed on social media when someone signs out with their name and #XXXX – that is their spot in line!

This mailing goes out to the latest $1000 All In reservation holders only, so if you had one already you won’t get one every time.  Your spot is already locked in and you have a SIL email!

Your reservation time dictates your location in the line.  The minute you make a $1,000 All In reservation and the transaction closes, that is your time.  The other way to get on the list is through an upgrade to $1,000 All In.  Same process is at work for upgrades: When you complete an upgrade to get to the $1000 level (i.e. doing a $900 upgrade to add to your $100 All In reservation) the time the upgrade clears the system is your SIL time.  The upgrade obviously has to be on the same account (the same email as you original reservation) and add up to $1,000.

The SIL emails go out every 6-7 weeks depending on the schedule and any promotions we are running.  This week was the single largest SIL mailing with over 4 times mare than the last SIL email.  Thank you all so much for your support!  If you want to move up in the line to get an Elio – don’t wait the list grows every day!

So, in summary:

  • Spot in Line is only for the $1,000 All In reservation holders (Remember if you have e $500, $250, or $100 All In or any Want In you will not get a spot in line)
  • The time on your $1,000 All In transaction locks your spot in line
  • The mailing goes out every 6-7 weeks, the next one is scheduled the last week in October

So, if you haven’t already, go in and get you SIL!

Toursetup  Tour set 2

 This week in the Tour:

September 12- 14, 2014 – San Pedro, CA, Lobster Festival, Port O’Call Village – Port of Los Angeles, Tonight Friday 5-8pm; Saturday 11am – 8pm, Sunday 11am – 7pm – P4 show

September 19-21 Greater LA Area – check website for locations daily!

As always, thanks for your continued support!

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