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Happy Friday Elio’ers! Even though it’s felt like summer for a while, summer officially kicked off on the 20th. At Elio Motors, there’s no way to escape the heat. In Phoenix, the forecast calls for temperatures in the 110’s for the foreseeable future. Yikes. What about Shreveport? Upper 90’s…improved, but not exactly cool. Let’s try Michigan…High 80’s and low 90’s. Not quite comfortable, but better! Wherever you are, we hope that you’re finding some relief from the sweltering heat across the country.

If you’ve been a regular reader of any of our blogs (Momentum, Friday Blog, Preview Tour), you know that things have been heating up in terms of our progress on our E-Series vehicles. Today, we are going to take a step back and look at the progress from the beginning, and what this progress means.

From the beginning, it has been our mission to give you, our fans, a peek into the process like no other vehicle manufacturer. From the first time the P2 made a public appearance until today, we have shared a look into the process of bringing a new vehicle to market. We wanted to bring you behind the curtain and show you how things have progressed every step of the way. With most companies, the vehicle would have never been shown to the public at the early stages. We have not only shown you pictures, but have traveled with our prototypes, allowing you to see how you fit and kick the tires. Taking the Elio on tour has also improved the vehicle: some changes were made as a result of your great feedback!

We began with our Prototype (P) vehicles. These vehicles were handmade and built with evolution in mind: every prototype showed improvements and was closer to the final design than the last. Changes were made after we conducted simulations and others were based on the feedback we received from our fans. Some changes were obvious, some less so, but each change was made with our four “musts” in mind: great mileage, unparalleled base price, safe, and made in America.

We began with a “mule,” which is a proof of concept (POC) vehicle.  The P1 was simple, but displayed the basic concept of the Elio: front-wheel drive, three wheels, and tandem seating. Once the design was proven, we were able to move along to the Sour Apple P2. The P2 was the first step start of today’s final design direction.

P2 Green

The Rocket Silver P3 was the first vehicle we took on tour. The simulations we conducted, along with real-world driving experience with the P2 showed that the concept was viable, but that changes were needed to achieve our four musts. Most of the changes you see were to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle. The headlamps and fenders were modified for improved aerodynamics.

P3 and P4

The progress continued with the P4. More changes were made to enhance the aerodynamics of the vehicle. The headlights were inboarded, the body was modified, and the wheel fairings were added. Additionally, the P4 offered a fully functional hatch for the trunk space.


At the Los Angeles Auto Show in November, we unveiled the last vehicle in the prototype series, the P5. Some of the improvements were subtle: the arm rest was raised, the rear seat was slightly lowered, and more foam was added to the rear seat for increased comfort. The P5 was also significant because it was the first prototype to have our IAV designed engine installed. Exciting stuff!


Once the Prototype series was completed, we were able to move on to the Engineering (E) series vehicles. The E-Series vehicles represent the next step in our progress to finalize the design. In April, we announced the establishment of our Pilot Operations Center in Livonia, Michigan. A week later, the engineering for the E-Series vehicles had been completed. Today, we are nearing the completion of our first E-Series vehicle.

This has been an exciting journey, and we want to thank you for being a part of it. There is much more to come!

Preview Tour:

June 23-25: Mohegan Sun – 1 Mohegan Sun Blvd Uncasville, CT – – Times: Thurs- Sat 8am-6pm

P5 Event

Thanks for your continued support!

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