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Happy Friday Elio’ers! Nowadays, it seems like every day is some kind of holiday. Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with finding a reason to celebrate. Today, October 6th, is both Garlic Lovers Day and National Noodle Day. If you’ve been thinking about paying a visit to your local Italian joint, it may be a sign that tonight is the night. More importantly, today is also Manufacturing Day, which is designed to celebrate modern manufacturing and inspire the next generation of innovators. As you probably know, American manufacturing is pretty important to us. If you do end up dining on pasta tonight, you can toast to the American worker and manufacturing!

In today’s Three Wheeling blog, we are going to outline how the ordering process will work for reservation holders leading up to production (which, as we outlined in our August filing, is targeted to begin in 2019).We hear from quite a few reservation holders wondering how exactly the process will go. Our goal is to make the process stress-free and fun! Here’s an overview…

If you’ve perused our website, you’ve probably spent some time playing with the configurator (which, by the way, works best using either Google Chrome or Firefox, and we are working on fixing slow load times with other operating systems.) The current configurator is designed to give you a feel for how the customization process will work: it allows you to choose your color, shows a sample of possible options, and gives you an estimated price. We will continue to improve the configurator and add additional options, but really it is just a fun tool. Please note, when you are using the configurator that you are not making your final selections on your Elio.

The final Elio ordering process will start about 90 days before your Elio is scheduled to be built. At that point, we will email each reservation holder (via the original email address used for your reservation) and provide you with a unique link that will take you to your personal Elio order page. Once you open your page, you will then be directed through a streamlined process that will start with what type of transmission you want (manual or Automated Manual – AMT), then choose your color from our seven choices and finally through the available options that you may want to add.  The details are still being finalized and certain tools will also be available such as a running total of your vehicle cost, an idea of taxes and other fees in your specific area and other similar items that will make the process as simple as possible.

Also, after you’ve customized and finalized your Elio, we expect to have available the option to get a head start on other aspects of the buying process. Potential valuable steps you can complete at this point would be the paperwork for financing (whether you plan on using one of our traditional financing options or our unique gas card) delivery preference and anything else to smooth out the final delivery. Once you hit submit, the logistics and manufacturing people will receive the information and start your vehicle towards production!


Thanks for your continued support- we truly appreciate it and hope that you have a marvelous weekend!

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