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Happy Friday Elio’ers! Hopefully you’ve been able to successfully avoid walking under ladders and black cats have steered clear of your path. Today, if you haven’t noticed, is Friday the 13th. Why is 13 considered an unlucky number? There’s no definitive answer, but it has been considered a number to avoid since the Middle Ages. We don’t get it. By many accounts, Friday is the best day of the week: not only is it the end of the workweek, but there’s always a Friday Blog to look forward to. We’re not sure about you but we’re going to eschew superstition and enjoy this Friday the 13th!

A couple of weeks ago we introduced a new contest. We realized that our supporters have been providing us with some great ideas for a t-shirt design, so we invited you all to send in your best ideas. Honestly, the entries were tremendous and narrowing down the best entries was an agonizing process. Last week, we showed the five best entries and opened up the polls.

Each of the five entries did incredibly well and had significant support because they were all great ideas. While there can be only one winner, we think that all of the designs will make for great Elio Motors merchandise. We received a lot of support for the fourth and fifth place finishers, the  3>4  and Elio Wave concepts- very clever, and definitely something we’ll keep in mind for the future. Posters, coffee cups, shirts, sweatshirts, hats, you name it. We can see all of these images included in the Elio brand.

Without further ado, here are the final three.

The “Big Elio,” which came in third, garnered an impressive 21% of the vote. This design carried a lot of fan support and will be kept on file for a future batch of shirts, possibly as the back graphic with one of the winners.

To vote for this entry, vote for The Big Elio.

The Big Elio

After number three, things definitely got interesting. We monitored the polls all week and the final two entries were neck and neck right up to the time the poll closed. You’ve probably heard the term every vote counts. That is absolutely true in this case as both entries received 26.6% of the vote and the winner was decided by one vote. Yes, you read that correctly. One single vote separated Watercolor and Splash from adorning our next t-shirt.

Here they are.






And the winner is….Splash! The race was so close that we plan to use Watercolor for the next batch of shirts behind Splash. A big congratulation to the winner, Adam, who will receive some Elio Motors swag and the t-shirt he designed when it prints. Also, thank you so much to all that participated- it was fun for us to see the impressive amount of creativity displayed by our supporters as well as the notes and ideas we received about using them in different ways.

Thanks for your support and make a splash this weekend!

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