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This Stop – Cedar Rapids, IA!

This Stop – Cedar Rapids, IA!

Hello Elio’ers!  This past weekend we were in Cedar Rapids, IA for an event at the Lindale Mall.  This was our first time there with the P4 and it’s a good thing we were able to squeeze it in before the P5 is the star of the tour!   The Elio got an abundance of attention from futureliowners and newcomers alike, as well as the local media who were in full force to cover the event.

KWWL interviewed a potential futureliowner as well as Vice President of Sales, Jerome Vassallo.  Here are some excerpts from the article…




“You think about it, 84 miles to the gallon, yeah it’ll pay for itself,” said Sean McMann. “Just driving it around and in a few years the gas mileage itself will pay for itself.”


VP of Sales Jerome Vassallo:

“Ten years ago I don’t know how successful the product would have been because we hadn’t gone throughout the American down sizing,” said Jerome Vassallo, vice president of sales.” In 2008 the economy tanked and a lot of folks lost their jobs and not just a few you know, enough to make the news every day.”

Full article: KWWL 


Overall, the weekend was a huge success with a lot of foot traffic near the vehicle, and a lot of three-wheel talk on their way out :)

Here are some crowd shots of the event…




Jul 24, 2015 – Jul 26, 2015 Independence Center – 18801 E 39th St S, Independence, MO – Hours: Fri-Sat: 10am-9pm, Sun 12pm-6pm
Aug 01, 2015 – Aug 02, 2015 Seattle, WA – Museum of Flight – Jet Blast Bash (Part of Seafair Weekend) – East Parking Lot next to the Blue Angels – Sat & Sun 9am-5pm


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