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This Stop – Iola, WI!

This Stop – Iola, WI!

Hello Elio’ers!  The tour spent this past weekend in Cheesehead Land (Wisconsin) for the 43rd Annual Iola Old Car Show and Swap Meet.  The greatest classic cars throughout the 20th century were on display, from the sleek coupes of the ’30s to the muscle cars of the ’70s and everything in between!  As much as the vintage cars were appreciated, a new, not-so familiar three-wheeler grabbed a ton of attention (check out this article from the event).  I’m sure Elio’s gas mileage was a big surprise to those at the show too, considering the old cars don’t necessarily focus on being the most aerodynamic!


The P4 participates in the Iola Old Car Show and Swap Meet parade

Braden traveled from Hartland, WI to see us.  He is an entrepreneurial-minded 17 year old who graduates from high school this year (congrats!).  He first saw the Elio on “Show of Hands,” a mobile polling app.  As progressive minds operate, he saw the value in such a cost-effective, unique vehicle.  He made an All In reservation around this time last year and furthered his commitment recently by pledging shares in Elio’s Reg A+ offering.  Braden loves the idea of getting in on the ground floor of a rare automotive start-up. He even sees himself managing an Elio Motors retail store in the future!  Now, to the important part because we’re sure you all were wondering, he plans on going with either Red Hot or Licorice for his vehicle, or a combination of the two :)



This stop had a huge turnout, with over 200,000 in total attendance and nearly that amount coming right by our booth!  Thank you to everyone who came out to see us!


Jul 17, 2015 – Jul 19, 2015 Cedar Rapids, IA – Lindale Mall – 4444 First Ave NE, Cedar Rapids, IA – Hours: Fri & Sat-10am-9pm Sun – 12pm-6pm
Jul 24, 2015 – Jul 26, 2015 Independence Center – 18801 E 39th St S, Independence, MO – Hours: Fri-Sat: 10am-9pm, Sun 12pm-6pm
Jul 31, 2015 – Aug 02, 2015 Seattle, WA – Stay tuned for details
Aug 07, 2015 – Aug 09, 2015 Portland, OR – Stay tuned for details
Aug 15, 2015 – Aug 15, 2015 Birmingham, MI – Woodward Dream Cruise – Stay tuned for details
Aug 28, 2015 – Aug 30, 2015 Sonoma, CA – Sonoma Raceway – GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma – Indy Car Series – See Sonoma Raceway website for details. More to come!

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