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This Stop – Los Angeles!

Hello Elio’ers! We’ve had a lot going on this month, especially with the news that a new prototype will soon be coming to the tour.  We can’t wait to show off the P5 with our engine from IAV and transmission from Aisin.  In case you missed it, we’re leaving the color up to you! Vote here from the colors that have yet to be used on an Elio prototype.  Now, back to the tour…

We spent the week in LA with some big names in online media.  They had fun filming the Elio and sharing it with their audiences.  They had some unconventional ways of doing it, too.  Take for instance, Phil, skateboarding with a monopod!


Phil Esposito videos Keaton Keller’s test drive while following on a skateboard!


We gave exclusive drive time to these young entrepreneurs so they could share their personal insight and vision for the future of transportation inside an Elio.  The week finished out with an event, packed with reservation holders and these clever, young influencers for an evening of personal handshakes with CEO Paul Elio and VP of Sales, Jerome Vassallo.  Here’s a look for yourselves:
Packed house The P4 in LA

 Founder & CEO Paul Elio


(Photos courtesy of Caliendo Photography)


Upcoming Schedule (P4)

Jun 20, 2015 – Jun 28, 2015 The Great Race

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