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This Stop – Los Angeles!

Hello Elio’ers! This week’s tour blog is coming from the Lobster Festival at the Port of Los Angeles. If you “caught” us there, you know it was a scorcher. Hundreds of people endured the heat to see us and as a perk, ate some lobster! Employees working the event’s information booth checked out our tent because they were wondering what was causing all of the ruckus, “you have no idea how many people came just to see your vehicle. We’ve been getting questions all weekend about it!”

Here are some of the photos…

The Elio’s affordable starting price of $6,800 matched with our look and high mileage took festival go’ers breath away… just ask Terri Nunn & Berlin, the festival’s concert headliners!

Terri Nunn & Berlin performing their hit single, “Take My Breath Away”
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One of the big questions from this weekend was, “Can I take the Elio in the carpool lane by myself?” The answer is yes, which makes California drivers extremely happy, as traffic is a constant battle out here. Because the Elio is considered a motorcycle on the federal level, we’re allowed to take advantage of perks like the HOV lane and lower insurance rates. Since we are enclosed and have three wheels, we are being exempt state to state from helmet laws and motorcycle endorsements. Best of both worlds!

The Elio was a huge hit with the LAFD and LAPD working the event! Some of the police officers were joking that they were going to commandeer it… at least we thought they were joking. Watch the video here.

Next up –

Sep 19 – Sep 21, 2014
Westside Pavillion
10800 West Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
Friday 10am-9pm
Saturday 10am-8pm
Sunday 11am-6pm

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