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This Stop – Louisiana!

Hello Elio’ers! This week’s tour blog covers our stay in Louisiana. As we mentioned last week, we made a brief stop with the P4 at our plant and then headed to The Big Easy for a weekend event.As Comau continues with the sale of equipment inside of our plant, it provided a great opportunity to take the P4 for a spin.  We took the Elio down the trim lines, where various parts will be added to the frame, and down Final Line, where finishing touches will be completed and the vehicles will be tested. Having the P4 in its home gave a glimpse into the very near future when the plant is fully staffed and the Elios are rolling off the production line. It is amazing how much this project has progressed and continues to do so, and we owe a huge thanks to you. It is your passion that drives us every day and is what will result in significant positive change for the folks in Shreveport and to our country as a whole. What could be better than knowing you played a role in bringing back manufacturing jobs to America?

So without any further ado, here are some photos of the P4 inside the plant.

The nucleus of the plant, where all of the lines meet.
The P4 at the end of Final Line.

P4 gets its paint checked.

About to head into the car wash!
Check out our full Facebook Album.To get an even better feel of what the plant looks like, watch our video of the P4’s visit.  To stay in line with our Lousiana theme, we used background music of a street band we heard in New Orleans.

Right after the plant visit, it was on to New Orleans! The warm welcome we received was overwhelming. Before our event even started on Saturday we had a huge crowd surrounding the Elio. The crowd continued to grow throughout the day.  The line to sit inside the Elio had to transform into a circle to contain it.  We even had a repeat guest, ‘Wild Bill.’ He was pictured in last week’s blog as the enthusiastic futureliowner in Shreveport and decided to make another trip with his family to see us one more time. Most folks at Riverwalk Mall were already well aware of the unique three-wheeler that will be produced in their state. Here are some photos from the event…

The line forms in a circle around the P4.
NOLA crowd in the Elio display.

Futureliowners sit in tandem.

Yes, there’s room back there!
Next up –
P4November 21-23
The Avenues mall, Jacksonville, FL
Fri – 10am-9pm
Sat – 10am-9pm
Sun – 12pm-6pm

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