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This Stop – Rome, GA!

Hello Elio’ers! This week’s tour blog is coming to you from the Wings Over North Georgia Air Show in Rome, GA! There was a huge turn out with an estimated attendance of over 80,000 for the weekend. It seemed like everyone stopped to check out yours truly. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the huge line below…
One of our new favorite things to do in this blog is to put a spotlight on some of our reservation holders and this week, it’s definitely the Mr. Bill show!Young Bill Gill got an unusual 21st birthday surprise from his parents. His cake read “Happy Birthday #8902!” Knowing that he wasn’t turning 8,902, he hoped it was a brand new Elio reservation number and it was!  Bill’s older brother Scott saw the Elio at the 9News station in Denver over Labor Day and thought what a perfect vehicle for his just-licensed little brother.  The family came from Midland GA to the Air Show in Rome, so he could see his future ride.  Bill loves that the seating is tandem like a motorcycle and feels like a cockpit in the front and we, of course, love seeing young futureliowners!

Bill Gill checks out his future vehicle, thanks to a birthday surprise from his parents!
Next is Bill Braack, owner and operator of the Smoke-n-Thunder jet powered car, supporting Americas Heroes and thrilling audiences coast-to-coast since 2008.  Bill is a retired Airforce pilot, having spent 20 years operating C130’s and C141’s.  His retirement was short-lived as his need for speed compelled him to purchase the racing team and Bill has been dropping the hammer ever since.  Why?  Bill says “nothing goes from 0-400mph faster….not even the Space Shuttle!”When asked about his connection with Elio Motors (yes, Bill proudly displays our logo on the side of his jet fuel) he’ll tell you he was a supporter from the moment he read about the Elio. He also has a daily round-trip commute of over 150 miles.  Being a respected Veteran pilot, a reservation holder, and supporter of American Innovation; Bill invited Elio Motors to show off our P4 next to his display at several shows this year.  84 gallons to the mile-vs-84 miles to the gallon.  We love the irony!  It’s an honor to be associated with Bills team this year.  Bill is a genuine reflection of the caliber of supporters Elio Motors has generated throughout the country.

Bill Braack poses next to his Smoke-N-Thunder jet powered car.
Speaking of which, our next Elio stop is Birmingham, AL at the Summit Mall (regular mall hours this Fri, Sat. and Sun. October 24-26) and then on to the SEMA Event in Las Vegas where we’ll be revealing some new information. Stay tuned!
Next up –The Summit Mall, Birmingham, AL


October 24 – 26
Friday – Saturday: 10am – 9pm
Sunday: 12pm – 6pm

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