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This Stop – SEMA and Shreveport!

Hello Elio’ers! This week’s tour blog covers a lot of ground. We started in Las Vegas at SEMA (Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association), then headed to Shreveport for their Veteran’s Day parade and a quick stop at the plant.

SEMA was HUGE. And by huge we mean three buildings filled with cars, car parts, supplies and more. If that wasn’t enough, the event spilled to the outside area. Our set-up was on the top floor of South Hall and most of the Elio front office was in attendance, including Paul Elio.  We announced a partnership with Infinite Skyz while we were there and showed off some of the features of the upgrade on an iPad inside the vehicle. Very impressive! We were happy some of our futureliowners were able to make the event… and new owners were added before the display was even set-up! Steve on the forklift was ready with questions for us as we were getting ready.  Soon after, he made the first reservation of the event!  Another Steve (no relation) stopped by to see the P4 for the first time. He was one of the first to hear about us and it paid off. He’s all the way at the #30 spot on the reservation list! Here’s a picture of him and Paul…

More photos from SEMA…
Listen to Elio interviews from SEMA on Drivers Talk Radio and the Lars Larson Show (11/6/2014).

Next, we headed to Louisiana for the Shreveport Veteran’s Day Parade. The warm welcome we received was tremendous! Caddo Parrish Commissioner Jerald Bowman drove the Elio through the parade and we had so many people wearing their Elio gear coming up to the vehicle with words of encouragement. Here’s a particularly enthusiastic futureliowner…

We thought Steve from SEMA was the highest on the list we’d see for a while, but we were proven wrong at the parade when we met Debbie. She’s #18! She stayed with us the whole time and asked us a bunch of questions. She was relaying them in from the Elio Motors Owner’s Association page on Facebook!
Futureliowner, Debbie with VP of Sales Jerome Vassallo

Shreveport Veteran’s Day Parade collage with Commissioner Jerald Bowman behind the wheel.
Before we left Shreveport, we stopped by the plant and drove the P4 through the line. Photos and video will be posted on Facebook later this week, but here’s a sneak peek…
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