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This Stop – Virginia!

Hello Elio’ers! We were in Colonial Heights, VA this past weekend for our last tour stop before the holiday break. There was a HUGE turnout, as you can tell from the below picture. We’ll use this blog to showcase some of the wonderful futureliowners who came out.
Meet Betty and Ken who drove in from Chesapeake with 3 things in mind.  First: The opportunity to have their picture taken together inside the Elio.  Second: to show off her personal license plate, and third: to deliver delicious bags of goodies for the crew.  Guess we made the “Nice” list this year!  Thanks for the treats Betty!
Now, we can’t begin to tell you what an honor it was to meet these next two gentlemen.  Pictured in front of the Elio are reservation holder Steve Thomas with his father WWII Army Veteran Sgt. Norwood W. Thomas Jr. of the 101st Airborne Division (aka “The Screaming Eagles”) whose unit was among the first to parachute onto the beaches in Normandy France on that infamous day in June, 1944 better known as D-Day.
While Sgt. Thomas retired from SATCOM in 1975, it was plain to see he continues to live life on the edge.  He still goes skydiving every year for his birthday!  Yep, do the math, clear up to his previous 91st!  He left us wondering if the Elio’s top speed of over 100mph could possibly be enough for this thrill seeker?  Something tells us he probably likes the looks of that custom fighter plane Elio wrap!As the year closes, we want to extend a HUGE Thank-you to our loyal and enthusiastic futureliowners for their continued support and hospitality throughout the year!  It’s folks like you who spread the word about Elio Motors and drive from all corners of our beautiful (and enormously vast) country with friends and family in tow, to share in the excitement of the Elio!

We look forward to a full calendar of events and opportunities to bring the Elio to a town near you.

Check back often on our website to see our schedule and any updates including changes: Elio Tour ScheduleFor real time updates on all things Elio, follow our social media pages: FacebookTwitterInstagramGoogle+.

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