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Top Elio Motors Fun Facts!

Happy Friday Elio’ers! Last week we issued a public service announcement to procrastinators, advising them that there was no better time than the present to start their holiday shopping. Well, the past week has flown by and you now have even less time to finish your list. Speaking of the holiday season, even though the arctic cold weather has started to roll in and it’s not even officially winter yet! This time of year is typically busy for your social calendar: ugly sweater parties, white elephant gift exchanges, work parties, and even some weddings. If you want to wow a crowd at a gathering this weekend, you can let them know that parts of Canada and the upper-Midwest were actually colder than Mars yesterday. Yes, that Mars!

P5 in a snow scene

At a Holiday gathering, you can also bring up some fun facts about the Elio (it’s a pretty effective icebreaker.) Here are some of our favorite Elio Motors facts:

Ending the Drought

New vehicle manufacturers don’t come around very often. In fact, it had been 60 years since a start-up vehicle manufacturer developed their own internal combustion engine. We became the first to do so since Nash Motors accomplished the same feat way back in 1951.

Historically Affordable

Famously, Henry Ford’s Model T sold for $850 and made personal transportation affordable for the average American. $850 sounds affordable, but when adjusted for inflation, the Model T would cost about $22,000 today. Any way you look at it, Elio’s $7,300* set base price is simply unbeatable.

Our Plant

Our manufacturing facility in Caddo Parish, Louisiana is big. Really big. With over 3.2 million square feet of manufacturing space. It’s actually larger than the Empire State Building. The previous plant owner, General Motors, manufactured upwards of 4.8 million vehicles there. Now, it’s the manufacturing home of Elio Motors.

Strength in Numbers

One of the major driving forces behind our progress is our reservation holders, all 63,000+ of them. Let’s put that number in perspective: more people have an Elio Motors reservation than attended Super Bowl I (61,946.) Thanks to all of our amazing supporters!

Going the distance

At up to 84 MPG, there’s a pretty good chance your bladder will require a pit stop before your Elio does. With an estimated range of approximately 672 miles on a single 8-gallon tank of gas, you could drive from New York City to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, without needing to refuel. You could definitely say that the Elio can go the distance!

Feel free to throw these fun Elio Motors facts around at your holiday gatherings. If you’re met with some incredulous expressions and claims that it sounds too good to be true (trust us, you’ll probably hear that phrase at first) please feel free to direct them to our website.

Elio Preview Tour:

Holiday Break

Thanks for your support and have a wonderful winter weekend!

*MSRP for non-refundable reservations only and applies only until non-refundable and refundable reservations total 65,000. Total current reservations can be seen at: MSRP excludes destination/delivery charges, taxes, title, registration, and options/installation.

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