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Tour Questions Answered | Elio Motors

Hello Elio’ers!  Since the tour is off this week, we figured we’d take this time to address some of the most common questions we field at events.  Here’s a top 10.  Enjoy!


1. $6,800? Really?!

 – Yes, really. The Elio is a targeted $6,800 base price (manual version).  

2. Up to 84 MPG? That’s miles per gallon, right?

– Yep, you got it.  About three times as many miles per gallon as the average vehicle on the road! Which equates to a projected 672-miles with Elio’s one 8-gallon tank.

3. Is the Elio a car or motorcycle?

Under existing regulatory definition, three-wheeled motor vehicles are classified as motorcycles. However, since the Elio has passenger-car characteristics such as a fully enclosed cabin, steering wheel, seat belts, power windows, wiper blades, airbags, etc.,  we are working with legislation to create a new category of vehicles called ‘autocycle.’

4. Do I have to wear a helmet?

– Two states currently remain that requires drivers over 21 years old to do so.  Rest assured that the Elio Motors Governmental Affairs team is working diligently with these states and continues to makes progress.  We have legislation for exemptions in the two remaining states well under way.  Here is a look at the map detailing the helmet requirements.



5. Will I fit?

When actually sitting in the driver’s seat of the Elio, the overwhelming comment is that the interior is substantially more spacious than originally thought by just looking in from the outside.  Since you can’t confirm for yourself at the moment, we’ll say this: The Elio is designed to comfortably fit a 6’1” 220person and has had an array of varied sized fans try it out for size. Tallest so far… 6’8”, largest so far … 6’3” 365, smallest … under 5’ (weight not asked!).

6. Is it safe?

 The Elio is engineered to the highest safety standards and comes equipped with a Safety Management System that includes three airbags, reinforced steel frame and Anti-Lock Braking SystemWatch video.

7. What is the warranty?

– 3 years, 36,000 miles.

8. Is it electric or gas?

– The Elio is gas powered.  It’ll take regular, unleaded fuel in it’s 8-gallon tank.

9. How will the Elio handle in less than perfect weather?

– This is where we point to one of the monitors in the booth and show off this awesome video of the P4 making easy work of the snow.

10.  Can I take it for a test spin?

– Not quite yet, especially not with our prototype at a tour event.  Closer to production, we’re planning to have a series of events to let our supporters get the Elio feeling. Once we are in full production, you’ll be invited to one of our ride and drives that will be much more comprehensive, fun and informative than a typical “test drive.”

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