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Does “Buying American-Made” matter? | Elio Motors

A label that reads “Made in America” is more than just a point of pride; it is a phrase that has real-world implications, both for American companies and the economy overall. For many consumers, buying products that are manufactured in the United States is a vote of confidence in American ingenuity and industry. A poll conducted by Consumer Reports found that almost 8 in 10 consumers would prefer to purchase a product that is made in the United States than an imported product. So, it is surprising that, while the auto industry is enjoying a renaissance, “cars being sold here but not made here is at an all-time high.”


The impact of purchasing imported vehicles is not limited to the automotive industry; it impacts the economy as a whole. According to the Cheat Sheet, “autos – including vehicles, parts, and engines – accounted for more than 1/3rd of the trade deficit.” The article notes that while companies are beginning to invest in U.S.-based facilities, they believe that the trend of purchasing imports will continue.

So, what are the benefits of purchasing an American-made product? The most obvious answer is that it supports local economies, which in turn, strengthens the national economy. The movement to bring back manufacturing jobs to the United States has seen traction in recent years. As the automotive industry is a major cog in the national economy, creating more American automotive jobs can help lower the staggering trade deficit.

Another benefit of buying American-made vehicles is the elimination of shipping costs, which benefits both the manufacturer and the consumer. Additionally, the eradication of shipping vehicles across oceans is better for the environment, as fewer resources are used in the delivery process. The Huffington Post even identifies another, less obvious reason to purchase an American-made vehicle. If a manufacturer is able to save on shipping costs, it will be able to use those savings to improve its vehicles. Eliminating shipping costs can “allow a manufacturer to include more safety features without raising a car’s price.”

While buying American-made products is often used as a talking point, especially during this active political cycle, many ask, “what more can we do?” The American consumer holds a significant amount of purchasing power than can bring about tangible change. While the American economy will continue to evolve and adapt to global changes, one thing will always remain constant. Products that are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States offer some of the best options available and support our economy, create local jobs, and fuel the innovation that will keep us in a position of leadership, now and in the future.


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